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Does any one had experience like this?

Just now I received a message in my inbox, but I can not reply, because the text box is not active, and even I don’t know either she’s a seller or buyer. But the message said, I need to tell them everything they need to know about my project. I didn’t generate any project and I never request of any quotation!

Please help if anyone knows about this?

The user probably got removed from Fiverr.

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Thank you @arcticdesigner :handshake: it’s a second time of your dedicated kind support.
Is it kind of spam?

Yes, it was probably a message sent to a bunch of people and some of them reported him.

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Edited, couldn’t see the image before, just spam then probably.

Keep an eye on your response rate, which shouldn’t suffer but in case it does, report it, as long as it can be tracked down to this message.

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Thank you for make it more clear, it’s a 2nd attempt from two different senders.

This is a spam message detected by fiverr and probably that account is gone.

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The user got banned from Fiverr.

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I don’t know how to check the response rate, can you guide me more about it? Thank you!

You should report spam the message even if you cannot reply to it. I have experienced this before and after a few hours of receiving the spam, my response rate dropped to 96%. Found out that you have to report these messages within 24 hrs even tho Fiverr pop up says that it won’t affect your response rate.

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I just meant you should look at your response rate for two or three days after such spam messages, to make sure it doesn’t drop unexpectedly because that would be due to those spam messages then if you replied to everything timely. Wherever you check your response at, like on your Dashboard on desktop, or on the main page of the app.

If you replied to all messages other than spam messages that Fiverr told you will not affect your response rate, and you yet see your rate drop after such spam messages, make the usual screenshots and contact support.

You’ll find quite a few forum threads about people whose response rate dropped because of spam messages, it might be a bug that happens to some people and to some not