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Does any seller take order and then assigns it to others?

I mean like your get order for 50$ and you pay someone 40$ to do. Does anyone here does this? If yes Please share is it going good or you get in trouble.


Why would I do this? What point is there in giving away my income to another seller? When a buyer places an order for my services, I am the one that competes the order. My clients want to work with ME, not someone else whom they neither know, nor trust.

If my buyers wanted someone else to complete their order, they would have placed their order with that other seller, and chosen to work with them, not me.

Your questions make it sound like you have no skills, and you’re trying to find a way to cheat the system. It sounds a lot like you’re trying to find a way to fool other people, just so that you can build up a false seller profile. Don’t do that. Fooling other people is considered fraud, and it WILL get you into trouble. I’d like to think that you’re a smart person. You know better.


There is nothing wrong with this. This is the outsourcing model used by most Fiverr buyers.

I personally wouldn’t outsource my own Fiverr work to another Fiverr seller. I do, however, offer services elsewhere like press release writing which I pay a few sellers on Fiverr to distribute. You need to be very careful in this respect, however, in choosing the right sellers to work with. For instance, I asked for proof from the main person I use for PR that she has a subscription to a certain service.


The OP stated, “[you] get order for 50$ and you pay someone 40$ to do [it]”. That is not outsourcing. That is foolishness. Outsourcing transfers a project to someone else, while still allowing the seller that received the order to make a profit. The major downside is you take responsibility (with the buyer) for any terrible third party that you pass the work along to. If the work you outsourced is terrible, you take the brunt of the consequences with the buyer. This is what makes outsourcing a risk, and generally a bad idea.

Effective outsourcing would be accepting a $50 order, and outsourcing it to another great seller that severely undervalues their work for only $5. Accepting a $50 order, and then passing it along to someone else for almost the same price is pure stupidity – and it leads veteran sellers like me to think that there’s something else – more nefarious – going on.

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I don’t think its kind of fooling someone or doing fraud. What if I get 20-30 orders and I use others for service because I am from the region where almost 99% don’t know of Fiverr so can’t make a team.

What you suggest in that situation?

Rather than getting nothing if we save 10$ and get a review. Something is better than nothing.

Moreover we have choice to choose I got an order for 20$ and as I was not an expert in that field I gave job to one who was having great skills and review 500+ so he completed all perfectly I paid him almost 20$ and You know what I got a tip of 25$ and a review.

Otherwise if I would have cancelled neither I would have got 25$ nor a review. It would have been a cancelled order. I am not talking that I always will give jobs to others

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I am of the opinion that, if a buyer hires YOU, and you don’t have the skills to complete the work, so you hire a great seller that can complete your buyer’s order, YOU do not deserve a 5-star review… because YOU did not do the work. Unless you are specifically telling your buyers the truth – that you don’t have the skills to complete his order, and you’re just going to give their order to someone who does, then you’re committing fraud, plain and simple.

You’re pretending to be something you are not, and expecting to build a profile of reviews YOU did not earn. You are fooling your buyer into thinking that you have skills that you clearly do not. And, therefore, you neither deserve 5-star reviews, nor any orders.


I’m not a huge advocate of this methodology. Although at the end of the day, if the buyer is satisfied, I’m not sure that it matters too much (provided that you have permission from the seller to resell their product).

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You don’t need this on Fiverr. As per TOS work belongs exclusively to the buyer when an order completes.

Then why is there an option for “commercial rights”?

Is not it buyers mistake where I am selling website design service and he order logo or anything without even message. What is my mistake in that he just orders the thing without even message.

And That is right if I don’t have skills I never take such order even not depending or selling to others. But what I think I can do If I pass the job even he messes I still I can do and at last then I can do myself if he has not done perfectly.

It’s a big scam/grey area.

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What would happen if he doesn’t complete the job perfectly and/or the buyer is unhappy?

  • If the buyer gives you 1 star, will you give 1 star to your seller?
  • What if buyer files a dispute or reports you to customer support and gets money back? Will you also dispute and try to get money back from your seller?

You’re taking a chance.

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In these situations I can do nothing yes its a chance I agree with that. Risk is more

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To be fair. This thread is just silly. There is no question that this system works. You are buying something and selling it at a higher markup to someone else. This is what most Fiverr buyers do already and why China makes most of the goodies in Walmart.

Does this happen? Yes. Are there possible problems? Yes. All such problems, however, are down to someone doing this to factor into a rock solid business plan and SOP system which takes into account eventualities such as sellers not delivering etc.

As I say, I have done this and I am currently doing kind of the same with a drop shipping side hustle. Personally, I wouldn’t outsource any of my own services and I wouldn’t outsource on the same platform. There is too much to risk in terms of reputability.

All that said, there is one freelance platform where I can pay $5 for a 300-word article written by someone who has passed a series of competency tests, and which will be delivered in a 2 - 3 hour time frame. If it’s not and/or the seller doesn’t deliver real quality, they get demoted to .50c job listings. It’s a horrendous place but it is fantastic for outsourcing and has a very strong reputation.


Oh, so now you’re blaming the seller for your fraud. That does not make your choices look any better. It is not the buyer’s fault that you misled them. YOU are responsible for how you present your services. And if you say you can do something in your gig, when you clearly cannot, then you are, most definitely, cheating your buyers, committing fraud, and trying to make money off of dishonesty.

I abhor that, and others should too.

Great sellers take calculated risks. And those calculated risks are intended to lead to growth and improvement. You are taking blind risks, just to make a buck off of dishonesty and fraud. You might want to rethink your strategy.

Why would someone place an order with you, when they could just place their order with the better seller you’re going to give their order too anyway? Come on, buddy, you’re not even trying to be a good businessman.