Does anybody else think the Fiverr rating system is completely flawed?


Apologies in advance for the rant!

The other day, I bought the following gig that promises to send you a month’s worth of human and Google keyword targeted traffic to your website.

Although I was a bit skeptical, the fact that the gig has 100% rating from 635 votes convinced me to give it a go, so I ordered it for 3 of my websites for $15. Once the traffic started it became quickly obvious (from exactly the same and very unusual patterns in visitors’ clicking behaviour) that the traffic wasn’t real humans and wasn’t from Google either; the visitors were bots with the referrer ‘spoofed’ to make it look like it was from Google.

I contacted the seller and he just ignored me. I requested cancellation and eventually got a refund (into my Fiverr account).

But now, because I’ve been refunded, I can’t leave any feedback rating for the gig. So the seller still has 100% gig rating even though he’s essentially conning people out of their money.

Surely then the feedback rating system doesn’t work properly? Obviously if people aren’t happy they will get a refund and won’t be able to leave feedback. So the only people who get to leave feedback are the happy ones, which isn’t really an accurate reflection.

It’s really annoyed me because thanks to this seller’s lies and the fact that I relied on his 100% gig rating, I am now $15 down. I know this is still available to me in my Fiverr account but there’s nothing I want to purchase from Fiverr at the moment and Fiverr don’t let you withdraw that money back into your bank account.

I think that disgruntled customers who manage to get a refund should still be able to leave feedback for the seller.

Sheriff’s Note: Calling out other users is not allowed.


In this case, it is unfair to you. But what if, different scenario, seller delivers his work - buyer takes the finished product, but cancels anyway (it happens a lot) - seller gets nothing, AND he could get a negative feedback? Not fair at all


Don’t let 100% rating fool you, I suggest you message the seller first and interact with him/her. get a feel for whom you are dealing with then place your order based on how you felt about the interaction.

I believe interaction is key, this is why we encourage buyers to please contact us before ordering, many don’t listen and get burned in the process.

Don’t trust what you see at face value be cautious, I think this would help both sides and limit issues like this.


Just to update this with a positive conclusion to my issue…

I contacted Fiverr yesterday and complained to them about this seller/gig and I sent them some evidence. They said they would look into it and take action if appropriate, but I was a bit skeptical anything would be done. However, I’ve just checked and the gig has been removed!

So at least Fiverr do listen.