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Does anybody faced reduction in sales/day after fiverr 2.0...?

It very weird but my average sales from my popular gig was 8 to 10 sales/day… Now after fiverr had officially launched 2.0, it reduced to 3-4 sales/day…

I have checked my position popular keywords but I am on the same place…!!

I have seen that some top rated sellers got the spike but they get recovered but I haven’t… :frowning:

Does any of you have faced the same situation…??

Does anybody found any solution..?? Does anyone find any change which can recover us from this modified design..?? Let's build a team to help the sellers..

yes i have experienced reduction in sales since the introduction of fiverr new face,


Yeah, me too… ! So unfortunate…!

same issues here… on my way to level 2 and that is the worst part

Does anybody found any solution…?? Does anyone find any change which can recover us from this modified design…?? Let’s build a team to help the sellers…

Tried a lot of things, we are all in the same boat regardless. New doesn’t always mean better…

It’s nothing that you can do, it has to do with the new search algorithm, which is clearly used to provide more exposure to lower volume sellers in the hopes of increasing the number of active members on the site.

I have been in the buyers forum and it seems that some people have payed for orders, and cant find them in the orders list. Maybe it isnt only the search engine that is reducing the sells.

yes and it sucks wish they would do something about this.

thumbs DOWN

I am new and I have had 1 sale - very disappointed. There are so many bugs, it is ridiculous. I cant edit my gigs, I cant answer gig requests, I can’t do much of anything. I heard fiverr was great, but so far, I am not seeing it

Same here, sales decreased drastically. Hope the staff will get it fixed soon!

This is the sad part of new things; bugs to be fixed, changes not only we have to adapt to, but also our buyers who might experience issues in purchasing from us.

My sales also plummed a bit but I hope things will pick up in a few weeks as more buyers will get used to the new design and bugs will be fixed!

It’s gorgeous looking but I had nothing against he old look, I think it was working just fine as long as one got happy buyers! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

YES, its same here, slow sales. i prefer the old fiverr than the new one. Hope sales will go up soon.

me to, same here

Nope, I have had a significant increase since V2. However, I do market myself a tad bit differently than most everybody else. My writing gig slowed down a lot, but there are a lot of people that order in bulk on it, so it kind of makes up for it. In fact, I seem to be getting much more properly targeted traffic and a higher average order than I ever did in V1.

I have had little to no new buyers since the release of V2. :frowning:

I agree, people get lost in the new version. Uploader does not show up for buyers that need to send files and it has been hard to upload/deliver files in both versions for the last couple of days. I hope they do not take away the old version and keep it there as an option.

May I add that this is why Craigslist and Backpage do not update their sites. Why change what it’s not broken?

The new version sucks, it never shows my gig in recommended section, it always shows it in related results and that too very low.