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Does anybody know how much money is deducted in Local Bank transfer?

I wanted to use this local bank transfer instead of PayPal. However the charges mentioned are not clear.

I’m not sure what you mean by local bank transfer. Is there such a thing now? To my knowledge we can only choose between PayPal or the Pioneer card thingy.

My understanding, from reading others’ posts, is that in countries where Paypal is not available (India being one of them), local bank transfers can be set up to withdraw earnings. But any fees charged will probably vary bank to bank and you will have to ask your bank yourself, @swappy007. BTW, is that you farrukh?

Reply to @cristinaghy: well the local bank transfer is actually facilitated by Payoneer. So well that is what i really meant. Which is better Payoneer or PayPal?

Reply to @celticmoon: Lol no i am not Farrukh. And PayPal does exist in India but as i have heard that PayPal can just stop your payments anytime they wish. So thats what worries me :expressionless:

Reply to @celticmoon: Nice catch! :slight_smile: