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Does anybody knows if Fiverr allows seller to use Skype for teaching private lessons?

Hi Everyone!

I’m a new member on Fiverr and I just wanted to know if Fiverr allows sellers to use Skype for teaching private lessons one-on-one? and If so How I can do it?


I know they do. You just make the gig. and KNOW that it will be in “review” a much longer time.

If I could make a suggestion to you. It would be to get to level 1 at least and level 2 more ideally before trying. Not a requirement, just a suggestion.

By the way, if you look at my profile, you will see I have a skype approved gig on Fiverr.

using the lifestyle/category private lessons may help you.

Thank you guys for your answer

I have a question also.

I have a gig and this guy wants lesson through skype. How do I do that?

I didn’t let fivver ppl know my skype account yet nor my PayPal.

Hello friends. I am new on Fiverr. I will teach Harmonium and Indian Flute. I need to use skype for that. How can I get this privilege on Fiverr. Could anyone please guide me?

Thank you