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Does Anyone Accept These Requests?

I received three messages like what’s pictured below within a day of opening my seller account, all of them were requesting to call through other services like Google Hangouts or Discord.
I know it’s against ToS to follow them up on stuff like that so I refused to be in call with any of them and I will continue to do so, but I wanna know. Has anyone gone into calls for these “offers”? If so, how’d it turn out?

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Also, does anyone agree with how I handled this? This happened within a day of making my Fiverr account, and I don’t really know all the functions, or acceptable procedure for situations like this. Advise for how to handle this better in the future is more than welcome. :grin:

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You handled the situation well. Unfortunately, as a new seller you are a target for many types of naughty :smiling_imp: buyers who will try all kinds of shenanigans with you.

Some will try to get you to deliver through the messaging system where you will not get paid. Always have an order before you deliver your work.

Some will even try to get you to open accounts on other freelance platforms for them and offer you big :moneybag: :scream:

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I kind of figured that’s what it was all about, trying to get me in call so they get the idea across without having to put it in writing, as well as trying to avoid actually paying me for my work.
In the future should I just report things like this, or is it better to continue handling it myself? I don’t want to bother staff with things that might not be that important, I just don’t know what’s commonly deemed as important.

There’s an option to report and block on each message. Do that.

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