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Does Anyone at Fiverr even listen to our problems?

Many of the changes going on have affected many of our top sellers. Some of the best top sellers have been demoted due to buyers who don’t read the description and order before asking, cancel cause it was a mistake, double order or do things like that which is not the control of the Seller.

Fiverr knows this is a problem and there have been many rants and raves about it. Does anyone at Fiverr corporate even listen?

I don’t see how someone who makes 20% of our money does not have our best interests at heart or we do not have any contact with them and they can just turn a blind eye to us.

I mean I’m in the 100,000 range. That means Fiverr has made over $20,000 USD off of me as well. I would say that is a decent amount of cash for someone to work against its buyers. We are not even talking about the folks who make millions. Seriously do they listen.


The key word is ‘corporate.’ Corporations don’t do carebear cuddles and “let’s have a cup of tea and a chat” sit downs when the people in the mail room get upset about the new uniform policy.

All you can do is like it, lump it, or try and get intimate with someone near the top.

Sorry, just how it is.


Given that the system has been in place for only a couple of months, I’m pretty sure Fiverr is going to wait a few more months before even thinking about making a revision.

Like you, I’m one of the sellers who don’t care for this new system. But quite honestly, I don’t think anything will be done for at least another 5 months. Fiverr probably assumes everyone is just having a hard time getting adjusted and by the 2nd quarter of this everyone should be getting the hang of this. Perhaps if we’re 8-12 months in and everyone is still vehemently against it, they’ll consider it a problem.


By that time, there will either be just level zero people left and a spattering of TRS’s, or everyone will be too distracted anyway by the space alien invasion.

Much more importantly, this should be seen as an opportunity. I learned not to trust Fiverr so much last year during the algorithm change. Later, in anticipation of problems with the new rating system, I decided to preemptively remove more than half my gigs. The result has been an actual increase in my overall freelance earnings.

I am even toying with stopping writing altogether on Fiverr maybe as early as next month. Either this or hiking up prices on some gigs higher than I have dared before. The trick is to try and turn a hit into an opportunity to try new things.


I remember this. I saw your post about not devaluing yourself.

That’s how I feel about Fiverr Pro! The approval process takes forever and during the wait, I’ve realized I don’t necessarily need the badge to sell at higher price points. I think you’re on the right track here!


You don’t need a badge to do anything. You just need confidence and adaptability. Your gig images and profile is awesome by the way! If I were you, though, I’d knock those $5 prices on the head. You are clearly outshining 90% of your $5 competitors already and raising prices can be hugely effective at helping raise customer appreciations of value.


Wonderful intelligent conversing going on here for a change. :a:

The Chinese character for danger is also the character for opportunity and that’s what this last change is, for those who can makes some positive changes.

灾难的机会 — disaster opportunity, or danger opportunity

the character jī (機) is also appropriate here meaning “a point where things happen or change”.

As Andy has wisely pointed out, during this time, making some correct changes can bring immense improvements for sellers.

It is no coincidence that we have now entered the year of the dog.


This is very interesting.

If I am interpreting what you are saying correctly, on occasions when I have dined at a Chinese restaurant and hated the food enough to say: “Danger! This Place is a disaster!” - What I have actually said is, “My, what a fabulous place to eat.”

Conversely, when I have dined at restaurants where I loved the food and said: “My what an amazing opportunity it was to eat here with you.” - What I have actually said is: “This was Goddamed awful and I hope you all perish in an earthquake.”

Needless to say, I now need to be very careful how I review restaurants when writing Tripadvisor reviews using authentic Chinese characters. Thank you for this.

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Your restaurant analogy is spot on. The awfulness of the food will prod you to try new restaurants!

Of course some will continue to dine at the same awful restaurants and complain bitterly each time.

I’ve never seen the term 灾难的机会 before…also never thought about 机 in that fashion before. I always just considered it a versatile word referring to a “situation”, whatever that means.

Nah, I think you’re good. Can’t see how 机 would come up in that conversation haha

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also, imagine, despite the complaints of many, maby bottomline we all make more money since the new level system got introduced. Who knows. I assume the guys/gals on the top make decsision based on facts.

So imagine that this new system creates more competition, higher prices, and a better user experience for the buyers? $$$$

But let’s see. Maybe in 12 months time this place is deserted.

Staff has viewed the posts about recent changes and a staff member has commented. (Link below.) They are listening, yes, but that doesn’t mean they intend to go backwards on anything. They’ve made their decisions based on many different factors. Everything I have heard so far indicates that corporate is happy with the latest changes so far.


A corporation only cares about the bottom line, unless they become political. Then the bottom line becomes secondary to their social/political goals.

For example. Target doesn’t sell tobacco, which is a huge mistake since millions of people still smoke. CVS also decided to no longer sell cigarettes. These are political decisions, not driven by the laws of supply and demand.

I know they don’t do carebear but this is also money they are stupidly losing.

We ain’t talking about late. I’m 100-99% ALWAYS on time. I’m talking about the stupid one…the Cancellation. Many if not all of those cancellations are the Buyers fault. He failed to answer that question. In fact that is the only one I worry about.

We’ve dropped to 89% once or twice in our tenor here on Fiverr. The other metrics I control. I do not want to be demoted for someone elses failure.

If they fix that then I’m fine.


How come he didn’t address “Cancellations?” Cause they know that one is stupid and no excuse for it.

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I agree but there is the issue of people like Square Peg Capital investing $110 Million with Fiverr and Fiverr dropping in Alexa rankings in the two years since that big cash injection. I don’t think Fiverr is big enough to pull social/political punches. I think it just wants to drive up revenue and mass marketplace exposure.

As for whether things like level system changes will help Fiverr realize its goals, this is up to the future to decide. My old hotel chain decided to become pet-friendly at the risk of losing favor with a huge chunk of their target market. I disagreed but the move proved successful. They disagreed with me when I pushed to switch our food and beverage suppliers and on that occasion, my move proved successful.

At a point in every business, everything surrenders to the experimental. My personal opinion is that taking freelancers for granted at is a huge mistake. As it is, it’s Fiverr’s mistake to make and in the long-term it might not actually be one.

We can’t change anything. I gave the rating system a shot. I got everything up to 99% ready for the first review. Then I told myself that I would keep going as I was but if (as I expected) buyer issues and bugs started seeing me go down in levels, I wouldn’t stress myself.

It is sad that Fiverr is willing to experiment with a carrot and stick way of motivating its sellers. But I can’t change that. All I can do is stick to my original conviction to not be a donkey.

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(post withdrawn by author, will be automatically deleted in 24 hours unless flagged)

I didn’t write any of that, I just showed it to you so you could see what staff had to say. It’s not my concern what they did or didn’t answer or why they chose to address certain things. You are always welcome to send your thoughts directly to Customer Support and ask them to pass your ideas along to the rest of the staff. I would suggest that if you do, you do it nicely.

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