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Does anyone else have problems receiving payments since move to Payoneer?

Does anyone else experience issues with receiving your payments since Fiverr moved to Payoneer? Both my husband and I have experienced extremely slow (like, I’m talking a week now) payments from Payoneer. Sometimes I withdraw and have the funds on the same day. This time though I withdrew March 29 and it said 1-2 business days so I contacted Fiverr on 30th asking and they said it had gone to Payoneer and to contact them, so I did. they told me that it because it was end of the month and should be in my account by Monday 3rd. Still nothing this morning (4th) so I’ve contacted Payoneer again.

Anyone else experiencing issues? Good thing I don’t have any bills or rent to pay at the moment otherwise I’d be pulling my hair out!


Usually, it happens when its end of a month or a weekend is also there at the end of the month. once I had received after 5 days and they told me because it had 2 off days and we take 2-3 business days so you can get it in max 5 days.

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Thanks Asad! Glad it’s not just me this has happened to! I feel like there’s more problems of this kind since they moved from Earthport to Payoneer, but I guess it just means the very simple lesson of “try to withdraw midweek in the middle of the month!” lol!

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