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Does anyone feel that Fiverr should make a separate 'Cancel Revision' provision?

Hii everyone! So this recently happened to me, and I was wondering if other sellers felt the same. So here goes:

I had done a couple of orders for the same seller, and had delivered them around the same time. While she was super happy about one, and wanted a revision for the other, she clicked on the “Request Revision” option for the order she was happy with, by mistake. So we set about trying to rectify it, and both of us soon discovered that cancelling a revision was not possible - not from her side, not from mine either. The only thing we could cancel was the order in entirety. So in the end, I just told her I’d deliver my files again so that she could mark it complete, and that’s what we did in the end.

So that got me thinking - Fiverr already has a request cancellation for the order in entirety, but it would definitely make things easier if they also had a separate revision cancellation option, only for the revision aspect. People are bound to make mistakes in their haste, or if they’ve received too many deliveries from the same seller, so I was wondering if this was an easier option to help deal with those kinds of mistakes.

Please let me know if there’s already a separate revision cancellation option, and if I’ve overlooked it.

You really didn’t need to cancel at all. If that ever happens, just re-deliver the work the buyer is happy with. That ends the revision request automatically with no harm and the buyer can complete and review the order normally.

As for me, I think that process works OK so I would’ve want the developers to work on a cancel revision feature. There are other important features that are broken or other areas that need new features (like a deadline extension button) so I personally would want many other things worked on now.

Absolutely, I agree with you that there are other features that need immediate attention, but down the line, I wouldn’t mind seeing an additional cancel revision option under the Resolution Center. Yes, we can always deliver the files again (that’s what we ended up doing in my case), but the buyer and I were actually talking for a bit after that happened and both of us felt it would be pretty neat to have that option. So I thought I’d write it down, and see what the Fiverr community had to say as well. Thank you for your reply, have a great day! :slight_smile: