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Does ANYONE get any USEFUL results from ANY gigs here?

Out of six gigs my experience with Fiverr has been 100% bad. From cover-makers who can’t make a cover, to writers who can’t write, to translators who can’t read nor write the language, to website promoters who produce NO CLICKS. Several hundred dollars spent to date: Not one single usable result.

I’ve used FIVERR over a few weeks now for six different things, and I vetted each gig seller as carefully as can be done to make SURE I wasn’t getting just another scammer for which Fiverr is so famous now. Here’s how it went:

  1. A request for a cover image. That’s the woman’s ONLY gig. I told her to simply pick ANY space or space ship theme and Id accept it. But through seven emails back and forth she simply couldn’t figure out how to do that. I left negative review and cancelled the order. She then pestered me incessantly for higher score.

2., 3, and 4.: I hired three different gigs from three different highly rated online traffic promoters. One registered 19,000 clicks by Google, and one registered 2200 clicks by Google, and the third never sent me the analytics so I don’t know. But curiously not a single click was logged by Amazon. Not a single click! I think they were simply bot clicks that the servers ignore. For two of these I left “medium” feedback, but those two pestered me for higher feedback until I blocked them.

  1. This was a simple translation gig, English to Thai. The woman had very high ratings. The translated text I received back was unreadable by any Thai. It was nearly 100% gibberish. She clearly couldn’t speak, nor read, nor write Thai. I told the seller this and asked for a revision. She refused, saying that her translation was perfect and I was just a stupid, cheap farang trying to get services for free. I left her negative feedback. She pestered me relentlessly to give her good feedback until it ended in a written screaming match of f***** and a forced refund.

  2. I hired a gig for a woman to write an intro for one of my books, since I am completely incapable of writing ABOUT my own work. The result was something a seven year old might have written, full of typos and bad or no punctuation and horrible wording. Absolute garbage. I left medium feedback and was harassed for days for five stars until I blocked her.

Out of all that a few dollars was credited back to me, but not back to my card – only back to my “Fiverr Account”, which I didn’t even know I had. I seem to be unable to get Fiverr to send me the actual money.

That’s my experience with FIVERR. Use it at your own risk or, better yet, save the money and aggravation and simply don’t use it.

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I understand your fustration. I’ve been buying on 5r for awhile now, spent few thousand, bought 1/2 for business and 1/2 for fun.

My original account was opened in 2015, which is deactivated (by me, not by 5r) - which is sad, because I had over 70 purchases on that account.

Finding the right seller takes patience and proper vetting - I speak from experience. The fact that you’re here means two things, you need to vent and you’ve read through at least a few threads.

I typically stand up and tell new buyers about the right procedures to make purchases and all the great things I’ve bought here. I also tell them about the mistakes I’ve made to help others avoid it.

Today, however, I just read a whole string of threads with sellers calling buyers nasty names like stupid and moron, so I’m not in such a generous mood to defend anyone.

If you choose to stick around and want some tips on how to find right seller, please feel free to PM me.

Edit: I am NOT A seller, just somewhat of an experienced buyer - or at least the one who sticks around the forum enough to get on everyone’s nerve.


Thanks but im done. The last straw was an english to thai translator who produced a document that MUST have been rendered through google translate and so was utterly unreadable by thais. I left her very polite feedback in english and in thai. She couldnt read the thai part. But she responded by telling me i was a stupid, greedy white man who was just trying to get work for free. I responded in kind and immediately received a warning to my account from the help desk. Sorry. I am done. Just waiting for my refund so i can close out my fiverr account. Im ten light years beyond done with fiverr.

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Sorry to hear that you’ve had so many bad experiences with Fiverr. I can’t speak on behalf of anyone else, and I haven’t bought too many goods off of Fiverr as I use this website as a seller, but I pride myself on creating perfect work, and the services I have bought have been carefully chosen. There is a lot of false advertising on Fiverr, and sometimes it’s not immediately obvious. The way the gig looks is always a key thing to look at (trust your gut), as well as reading reviews which is fairly obvious when buying something. The seller’s overall rating can also be a hint. I edited out the region-related comment which was here as it was unfair to make, but take precaution with the layout, profile picture and gig photos on a seller’s profile. With graphics work, which is what I provide, just looking through the portfolio of work is evidence enough of the standard of work you can expect to receive. You have to analyse different gigs in different ways on Fiverr, and reach judgements using different methods depending on what they offer.

I’m sorry to hear you’re done with Fiverr, as there is a lot of great work being done here by a lot of talented people, but if you’ve had nothing but bad experiences, it’s understandable. I hope you get your refund, best of luck

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Sorry about that @annai80

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