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Does anyone get the job by sending a offer to the customer?

In just 24 hours, hundreds of people send offers to customers. I wonder how this system works.


If you mean sending an offer to a buyer’s request, yes, people do get orders that way.

If you mean sending unsolicited offers directly to inbox, that’s strictly forbidden.


This depends on the category, but for the logo, it is standard that BR gets 200-400 offers.

But very, very, very rarely. I sent over 500, got 2 orders, one was canceled, the other one was …

Now I do not even open that.


Buyer requests are the biggest idiot magnet I’ve ever known.

Post one to see for yourself, Shakespeare couldn’t write a more tragic comedy.


I have thought of doing this, but I was afraid of all the spam that would come my way! :grimacing:


I mean sending an offer to a buyer’s request of course. Indeed, one out of 100 offers includes $5 and the customer agrees. No matter how quality your job is, the system does not separate these people from each other.

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Yep. Exactly. I don’t believe there can be more because 200-400 offers is quite too much.

As a logo designer, I started in April with two logo gigs. It did not take long to realize I do not stand the chance among 180000 “designers” available.

So I added other services that are still very within my skills and certifications.

But I made the mistake of making the GIGs without deep search (I only did 2-4 days of research for each GIG and now I know that is not enough).

Every time I opened Buyers request and found logo BR, in a matter of 10 minutes it got 100-400 offers. I have screenshots on some topics about that.

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I got the first order from Buyers Request.

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That’s how I got my first order, but in my category they only seem to receive between 20 and 50 offers. So in my case I consider the chances of being picked higher.

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this article will help you maybe. How to get more ORDERS from Buyer Requests? [FOR SERIOUS SELLERS]]