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Does anyone have a list of words we can not use?

Is there any link that has a list of words that could be flagged, against Fiver TOS.please mention below. being a new seller I messaged someone and ask a question “How did you get Fiver Pro badge” and I got a warning from a fiver. now I have left 2 warnings.


That’s spam. You can only contact people as a buyer to order from sellers. I suggest you read TOS. It will also tell you how to get Fiverr Pro.

I’m sick of this happening, you’ve formed a binding contract when you don’t even know the terms.


I know about TOS, but my questions is, is there any way i can get a list of Words or sentences that can be flagged. this happens many time with new sellers. Don’t take much pressure on your mind, if you don’t know the answer you can leave it for someone else.

You clearly don’t, considering that you’ve violated it once already, and you don’t understand how. And, the fact that you don’t understand what Fiverr Pro is suggests that you haven’t read TOS.

All that we know is (and you would know too, if you read TOS) is that you can’t try to take communication outside of Fiverr, the same with payments, and you can’t spam people.

Sometimes, the system wrongly flags things, and CS correct it after reviewing it.

Honestly, I suggest you do read TOS.


I am sorry to hear that. But how did you know that you have 2 warnings left?

The totals are three.

Usually, your account gets banned after 3 or so warnings. I guess that’s what he means.

Yes thanks. Can we know how may warnings we have received?

You can go, please let someone else answer my question.Thanks for your suggestion which i already knew.

it seems that you don’t know about it based on your initial post…


Can you mention where are those words in TOS? Which can cause flagged?

You haven’t read TOS and you know it. You’ve violated it, and you don’t even know how. You haven’t got information from it, so you resort to a violation to find out. I mean - there’s no point trying to hide it.

Please respect our members privacy by not contacting them with offers, questions, suggestions or anything which is not directly related to their Gigs or orders.

The above is from the Terms of Service at the bottom of the Fiverr main page under Phishing and Spam

Make sure to carefully read the Terms of Service for the rules as to how Fiverr works and the consequences if you break them.


what if I have to buy a gig? should not I ask some questions and experience of seller?

Few of those words are.

As far as i know.

Did you not read the part where it said

I’m pretty sure wanting to order is related to an order…

If you’re questioning this now, then you haven’t read TOS before. It’s simple as that.

Just read the sentences I quoted from the Terms of Service.

Check this out: Don't do it! .... You Have Been Warned! if you want to protect your account.

Will leave this with you.


yes this is what i was asking, got it.Thankyou

Me? You’re the one who posed the question. You just haven’t read TOS, and you know it. You wouldn’t need to be coming here asking this if you had.


There are other words as well. I mentioned which i know. But don’t use words which related to outside of fiverr like upwork, any social media platform, other freelancing sites, bank or credit card details,about reviews, Fiverr will at once flag your message,