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Does anyone have an answer to this Question?


What does a portraiture Artist/Painter need in order to truly capture the depths of the human experience?


Well, I’m not a portraiture artist, but I remember a painter saying “Don’t paint people, paint relationships” - he was referring to tone/value relationships, color relationships, and capturing the context in order to tell a story, not just a portrait.

A portrait by itself doesn’t convey much, but if the overall painting & composition has a strong context that reads well and conveys the right story (even just through colors alone!), it can be a powerful thing to capture the depths of human experiences.


My favorite portrait: John Singer Sargent, Dr. Pozzi at Home

This is so true in this portrait.


Paint, talent and someone androgenous and glum looking who can sit still for long periods. - Worked for everyone else.


Modigliani was one of the greatest portrait artists:



I absolutely love the way you put that. I completely agree and it is such an insight.

I always find it fascinating, even for myself as a painter, how one can the depict expression with mediums that are obstinately defiant of authority such as oils and acrylics that they must bend to their will. For me there are so many factors that bring forth a unique sense of depth and engagement with the painted portrait; The time it takes to complete a painting, the relationship that develops between the model and the painter, the dynamics of choosing colors and the present emotions. Relationships :smiley:



As you can see from the attached artworks; mainly portraits and full figures, I am always looking for moods, spirituality, prognosis and metaphors. Some kind of a ritual embodying abstract and realist styles. My best hope is that the artworks stand simply on their own, and find similar connections in the viewer where words fail.


I can imagine the conversation that went on here.


Modigliani was so fearless, and still very fearless.