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Does anyone have tips on how to get sales

i would like to have sales on my projects, can anyone give me tips, if you can, thanks.

If you follow few simple step then success will come!

There is a few step :

1> Make a nice gig . This mean , your gig should be in well categorized. Also you should use proper tag for your gig. Tag is very important , Because its works like a key word.

And then well description of your gig and gig image.

Gig image should be nice and unique .

2> In this step , you can invite buyers to buy your gigs. Fiverr has excellent option for this . You can see this , My sales -> Buyer Request

So, invite buyer to buy your gig. Its helps me lot!

3> Share your gig in social media , like Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter etc.

If anyone follow this 3 step , i hope selling gig its not hard for all!

** I explain this very briefly . But this are key point , you should follow . and Good luck to you.


I just took a few seconds to look at your gig but one thing I noticed about your voice gig is that a. your photo is upside down and b. you don’t have a video or any samples. Think about it: Who would order a recording without knowing how you sound, especially given the sheer number of recording artists on Fiverr? Fix that up as a start and I think that will help :slight_smile: Also, for a gig like your app testing, I think a video talking about how you can help would add trust and credibility. Best of luck!

Reply to @alliemadison12: check my gigs please and tell me what’s wrong with my gigs

You guys start so young these days. When I was 13 I was waiting for my mum to give me my pocket money. Now you guys are out there earning your own cash. :slight_smile:

you need to promote your gigs in various social media’s and you need to also check “Buyer Request”.

Hope you will be get order soon :slight_smile:

Welcome to Fiverr; I hope you achieve everything you want. If you’re looking for advice, I keep a thread on the forum where I record everything I’ve learned. Maybe it’ll help you? You can read it here: Good luck :slight_smile:

Liked it.

Thank you