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Does AnyOne Here FULL TIME Fiverr Seller? How Much Is Your Earnings?


just join the fiverr from the last 30days… :smiley: i got “level 1” start today :smiley: so, its just the beginning for me.

and i am single :smiley: but not looking for angel :stuck_out_tongue:


If I can get proven stability and actually get my level back up I would strongly consider it. At the moment, no.


Reply to @s_sayan: lucky you my rent is 800 and it is a sht hole I live in british columbia canada the most expensive place to live with the lowest minimum wage in country. I have to make 2600 a month just to survive


Maybe not from Fiverr alone but doing Fiverr has shown me that YES I CAN do what I love and make money at it - planning to go full with with freelance work eventually, but for solid income I will probably diversify a little and do my own website selling my work as well (not the same stuff as being offered on Fiverr - but maybe writing e-books and selling them, or offering services I don’t already offer here that are more expensive)

Between the two I could see it happening for sure!

I just made level 2 today - so far I’ve made $1,500 on Fiverr is just a little over 2 months time of taking orders. My full time job is in real estate so that doesn’t have insurance for stable income either so that’s no fear for me, LOL. Just getting enough sales to comfortably go full time at it.