Does anyone here provides RANK 1 in Google's First page


I want to boost my traffic by getting a good rank at Google search…

If anyone here to help me


Not for $5. Maybe over the course of optimizing your content as best you can, and then doing SEO backlinks and such. Depends on how competitive the keyword is, too.


Anyone promising you the first page or even rank 1 is lying.

Especially when you aim for popular keywords. Anyone can rank you for something like “my little toe hurts after a car drove over it, what to do with it”, however, you won’t get any views and still rank page one (or number 1).

You should either use Fiverr Gigs (and plenty of it) or use a private network, which you can hire for a few hundred usd a month.


Reply to @lefttowrite:

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Sheriff’s note: noone can know where your link leads to until it’s clicked (ok ok, there’s a way, but most users won’t use it)… so, it could be dangerous and used in the wrong way; for this reason I’ve changed it to the real one.


I would search for someone who specializes in Google Adwords. Possibly by placing a buyer request. I took a course for Google Adwords a while back so I know a little bit about this. If you pay someone to run a campaign that would probably work but you have to “bid” for the first page of Google and especially for the number one spot. Running the campaign requires insight and strategy so definitely go with an Adwords professional. Anyway back to the bidding, no matter what seller you use, you will have to pay for your bids for the top spot. With that in mind, be sure you higher someone honest and professional. Check the ratings and feedback! If a seller tells you they don’t need you to pay bids, run away it’s a scam. All first page sites on Google are given to the highest bidder!

Good luck!


Adwords will keep you at the top for as long as you can afford it as a “promoted ad”.

In order to actually get to the top it takes lots of patience, REAL backlinks (not the kind offered here where they are not related to your site) articles, working on social media, proper keyword analysis, looking at what your top competitor does and doing it better and that will allow you to reach the top over a sustainable period of time with continuous work for free while receiving free organic traffic as opposed to constantly bidding to be at the top. Both methods work well combined, but you can’t only rely on a short term plan (Adwords) unless you’re rich and can afford to outbid everyone everyday, you need a long term plan.

I offer a D-I-Y gig that provides you with a report of over 60 pages and 3 free ebooks that will teach you the basics of SEO and SEM. It’s better to learn how to fish as opposed to just buying the fish. My techniques are widely known in the SEO world, they are used by every SEO expert who’ll charge you 100s of $s to do the work and continue updating your site or creating content. My school of thought is why pay someone to do it when you can really learn to do it yourself, if you own a website - it’s not hard at all to learn to get it towards the top of Google or any search engine by yourself without having to have a disposable income. Also there is no such thing as here is my gig I’ll get you to the top of Google in no time, that’s a scam. It takes time and continuous work to get a high ranking and to do it by following Googles’ TOS instead of spamming sites with links to your website which in the end will only harm your ranking.

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My comment comes from a place where I’m not trying to sell you anything. If you want an immediate top spot for a boost in sales. My response will provide that in a week. Whereas the other mentioned option might work eventually someday if you try really hard. To become Adwords certified I took a course. This course showed how you could achieve front page for less than $20 a week. That’s not a large amount of money. Also for the average user, you generally only need to check your bids once a week as Adwords is designed to bid automatically within your set daily max (often less than $5). If you want to be at the top for an indefinite period of time, then you may want to do your research as previously suggested but if you want something more near future, Adwords is the way to go :slight_smile:


Reply to @remconl: I get people on the front page, but I can’t say where exactly, and I can usually manage to get a close match on their keywords, too.


We are also a strong believers that 1st spot cannot be promissed. What can be achieved is rank boost which might lead to top 10 , top 5 , top 1 or top 100, depending on where actually your website is right now.

There are many variables which influence the fact where your website is right now or where it can be in future.

Very often changing a couple things in your website structure ( if it’s setup incorrectly) + adding a couple articles happens to help the rankings immediately.

These days websites need backlinks which are thematically related to your website. If you want your website to gain the authority in the eyes of search engines, you should get CONTEXTUAL backlinks.

We are using contextual backlinks for all the seo efforts and even though many times top1 is hardly achievable, very frequently the websites get to the top5 , top3.

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Just spammers can. They are promissing everything, just to get your money.