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Does anyone here use their fiverr gigs as "full time work?"


Was just wondering if anyone here earns enough money from fiverr to live from comfortably?

or is it just a side thing to earn you a bit of extra cash here and there?


Well, personally, I am unemployed (not by choice exactly at the moment) so technically, it is my full income. However, currently, I do not make anywhere near enough to live comfortably. BUT, that is just me! There are many members here who earn A LOT more than I do and could definitely live off of it. :slight_smile:


I’m employed, just use the spare time I get to earn some extra $s. Of course would love to get at least half of what I earn per month.


Yes, everything I earn here is a full time income :slight_smile: Sort of, I own a limited company here in the UK and everything from fiverr is technically earned by that company which pays my wages (saves me tax ;)) but even if this didn’t happen I think I would be able to earn enough (my income gets mixed up with other sources, but I am sure fiverr would be enough)


Reply to @ryangillam: What sort of Ltd company do you run? and that is a very smart idea! Avoiding the tax man


Reply to @speciallity: Just a standard british ltd company. I’m the only employee, but it means I can pay my wages as dividends and thus avoid tax on them. Only downside is I have to file a company account each year.


Nope, I’m also a HS student so Fiverr is just a way to get a little money on the side. It also helps my english skills improve a lot so that’s a plus for my grades. aha.