Does anyone know any sellers who will produce a music video on Fiverr?


I am looking for a good Fiverr who produces music videos. I am not having a good time shooting mine. Any tips of links to someone would be great.


Are you looking for someone to shoot footage for your music video? Do you need an actor or more than one actor? Do you want a compilation video? etc…

There are lots of sellers on Fiverr, including myself that do videos but we all have a different style and do many different things. Be a little more specific about what kind of music video you want produced and I’m sure we can help you find a list of great sellers to choose from.

Deaun Scott


Reply to @deaun1: Hey, Deaun. I have footage of me singing one of the songs from my latest album and as well as a drummer. I have the vocals and video synced up, but I need some creative flair from a professional like yourself. I am looking for an MTV style rock music video. Maybe you have some effects you can add. I have a place in the song that has no drums and it’s more keyboard oriented and I am thinking of a sunset of something. I can always send you what I have so far to your Fiverr account.