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Does anyone know anything about website traffic gigs?


I’m wanting to buy a gig from someone who can direct traffic to my website. Doesn’t have to be a lot.

However, I’m a little scared because I don’t know how it works. A lot of gigs offer up to 300,000 genuine traffic hits per day, and I don’t know how this can be possible. Is it a scam?

I’d feel much better if I knew the mechanics of driving so much traffic to someone’s website for as little as $5 or $10 dollars.

Any advice will help. :slight_smile:


What’s your gut feeling?

If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. :wink:


If you pay for your bandwidth it’s going to be very expensive.


as far as i know lot of buyers ordering them.and yeah maybe it helps them so they are still getting orders. :smiley: they are using traffic exchange site, bot not real human and drive huge traffic.


The only traffic you want are the types that are interested in what your site is about. If it’s a bunch of bots, not people, what’s the point?

You can’t pay someone to drive actual real human beings to your site by the thousands and even if you could, what good would that do if they had zero interest in it?

Those are going to be bots, not real people.


Yeah I only need writers to come to my site, and I did find a few gigs that said, “specific target audience.” However, even though they promise “genuine humans,” the 300,000 number threw me off a bit, which is why I came here before purchasing.

I’m just going to have to learn the SEO tricks and build my social media traffic.



There are some great sites devoted to SEO where you can get information on how it works.

Obviously no one can get 300,000 people to visit your site, particularly ones who are in your target audience.


Thanks for the tip.

I think what I really need is to learn patience. I’ve decided genuine visitors sounds better than forced visits, legit, or otherwise.


You’re better off with a paid traffic from for example Facebook. However, you still need to know what you’re doing. If you don’t know anything about FB ads then most likely you’ll be wasting your money.

Organic traffic takes time (not days, it takes months). If you need fast traffic then go with FB ads or partner up with someone who has followers in your niche.

For example, I did a website for a company that sold camping care. They partnered up with camping sites & Youtubers doing product demos. They also tapped into FB groups of fishermen, hunters etc.

What I’m trying to say is that invest in ads that actually reach your target audience. You should know who your target audience is :wink:


i tried to create some gigs related website traffic, fiverr denied these gig.