Does anyone know how or what we need to do to not be locked out of posting for 24 hours?


Somehow I got locked out of posting for over 24 hours on this new forum.

Is there someplace where it mentions this? It was quite annoying. I got a pop up saying that because I am new here I can’t post for 24 hours.
I waited 24 hours but still couldn’t post.
Got another pop up saying I had to wait another hour.

Waited another hour, got a pop up saying I had to wait another 56 minutes.

This can’t be right. I’ve been here 3 years posting on the forum.


I can help!

So, I’m not sure how it works but you can’t post too much as a “newbie”. You can only like up to 50 posts a day. As that is less effort that well thought out comments/silly bumfluff, I’m assuming the post ratio is higher. I got kicked out on day 1 because I was totally gaming the sys for muh badges.

But yeah, the lockout is pretty annoying and I don’t have any answers. I’ve done a bunch more today without issues so maybe it was a teething problem? At the very least, just think of all the spam it will destroy!

I reckon with a bit of posting in the first few days the parameters extend, or something. I don’t know!

EDIT: Maybe a mod/admin/superbadger/ambassador can answer this better? It would be nice to know if there are set limits so regular “new” users can know what the new sys is like and adjust accordingly–although as @misscrystal pointed out, if you’ve been on the system for a bit, it is a bit jarring. Like on those Nintedos where you die and it’s back to lvl 1, no powerups.


You can earn levels on the new forum which will lift some of the restrictions.


Level 1 (Basic) posters are limited to 9 Posts in the FIRST 24 hours.


i was already suffered this issue, But now 24 hours passed and again my restriction is removed. so i am happy, May be some new guidelines about forum posting. Hope any Moderator or Any Support member reply with genuine answer. Thanks


What are the limits after the first 24 hours?

(quoting for the badge :grin:)


Users at level 0 cannot…

  • Send private messages to other users

Such a pity, I´d tried to message a certain someone for a typo of theirs, but apparently the nerve almost crashed my system, haha, well, their loss. :innocent:

Oh, and there´s no response rate badge for not replying to inbox PMs on the forum, is there…<.<


@miiila You’re a level 1 user, you should be able to send a private message.


Thanks, then the problem was that a level 1 user can´t message a level 100 user or something such :wink:

(post above in trashcan, because I replied to the whole thread instead of catwriter, as I´d wanted)


I’ve messaged @fonthaunt without problems, maybe there’s a problem only with a certain someone (or maybe it was a bug)?

(I seriously hope that this post isn’t going to inspire spammers to message her :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:)


Okay… I´ll take that route then <.< and guess this has to be my last more for fun post for today before I´ll have used up my posting contingent and won´t have any strikes left to add anything useful if I could :wink: This new forum is fun lol


Taken from the Forum Levels page
"New users coming into the forum need to earn the trust of the community. Most likely they are visitors who just created an account and still learning the community norms and the way the forum works.
New users will have limited access to post but can read most all posts. There are fewer interface options to make it less confusing for new users, and we will gradually introduce new functionality you get more experienced. Thus, new users’ members are restricted for safety – both theirs and yours".
This is a fix for something that used to annoy everyone! New users, coming into the forum and posting random rubbish, or just being idiotic. The forum had also been a playground for industrial scale spammers who rendered the site almost unusable at times in the past couple of months.
They will simply not be able to do that now.
Yes, many of us should be at higher levels due to our history but the changeover just doesn’t work like that. From looking at the Forum levels page, I imagine most of “the usual people” will be level 2 within 2 weeks. That level allows a lot more freedom; within 100 days most will hit level 3 and have a lot more freedom and capabilities than ever before.
All in all, it is worth the initial limitations which you will all soon pass and then forget ever existed as you dwell in the new Nirvana of a forum which is virtually free of spam and gives you a huge amount of capabilities. Do check out what is in store at level 3, its pretty cool!

Or, you know, you could just try to become a mod and skip all that :wink:

Note by @fonthaunt:

This is a GREAT post, Eoin. I’m only adding one thing so people are aware of it. We will need new mods in time and Eoin is right that some helpful people will be welcome soon. Eoin himself has been a mod on the old Fiverr forum and had to take a break, but is ready to come back so he was fast-tracked.

_Others will have to earn the chance to be a mod through organic use of the forum and being helpful. We already have a waiting list of applicants who answered a ton of long questions to get on that list. That does not mean you cannot ask to be added - you can! Please just don’t message the current mods asking, though, that’s not how it works. If you didn’t take the survey on the old forum that asked if you wanted to be a mod and you are interested now, you may send a message to Customer Support and ask to be considered as a moderator. _

In general, you would need to be minimum Fiverr level 2, forum level 3, and have a Fiverr account in good standing. You do not have to be a native English speaker and some mods/admins are not. You would need to be able to communicate in English fairly well. Also, if you DID take the moderation survey on the old forum, you are still on the list. You don’t need to do anything in that case but keep helping out here and work toward your forum levels.

That’s it. Sorry for borrowing your post, Eoin!


I will aim for the dizzying heights of level 5, which is a secret level that only I know about.

Here is a song to commemorate the passing of dear uncle spam:


has there ever been a limit to the number of times you can post on the forum? i have never experienced such


This is all pretty new to us as well. I am sure Fiverr is working on that and hopefully they will consider a change soon. As of right now all we can do is wait and try to work around it. I can imagine it can be a frustrating experience especially if you are a forum regular. Hang in there guys :blush:


@catwriter No worries, I’m getting a ton of message either way. LOL. I’m doing my best to answer them and to make posts that will help answer some questions as I find the answers and have time.

Most of you guys got your questions answered in this thread. The MAJORITY of lockouts only happen on your first full day on the forum. Yes, the limits are low. Yes, they feel kinda crappy. I’m sorry, but it will filter out a lot of other problems and in time it can be set to more custom numbers as we learn. Also lockouts should NOT be caused by anything except posts and replies. Likes/flags/etc are limited and DO affect your potential to level. (Misusing features to game the system for badges and levels can slow you down on level. Using the system correctly should help you level.) So, you might find that you’ve run out of likes for the day, but as far as I know, no one will be locked out unless they make too many posts, and few people are going to get locked out after their first day.

I added a longer version of all this to a pinned post that @catwriter made, which I utilized to add more info as she provided some really good text to start with! (Thanks catwriter.) Among things, read that post to learn about flags. Use flags wisely along with the rest of the features! That post is here:

Note: I cannot provide numbers for the limits right now. It’s not that I might doing so, but I’ve seen too many numbers said already and they conflict and I’m honestly not sure which ones are right. I did make some suggestions in the above mentioned thread about how to stay under the limits and not get locked out. Just remember, if you do get locked out on day 1, you aren’t that likely to get locked out again unless you write things like “thanks for tip!” on ever single thing you read.

Hang in there, all! This community is going to be awesome, let’s build it together. :smile_cat:


@inspiredtony There hasn’t been a limit on post numbers on our two previous forum incarnations, but this one is new. However, on the last forum we had, some good tips posts were ruined by people commenting 100 times to say “GREAT!” and others adding 100 more with their gig links. Those threads ended up being so long they made the forum slow (especially on mobile) and awful to read through. This forum has a number of features to make threads much more useful.

Because I’m short on time, I’m adding on other thing to this reply to tony because I just thought of it! Hopefully it will help more people. Right now a LOT of old posts are going to float to the top. Posts are being migrated into this forum so we can keep our old content. Some of it is good, some of it isn’t. Some people think it’s new and reply to it when it pops up, and they push it to the top. It will be annoying for a little while, and then it will be fine. Old posts are being closed/locked gradually so we can read them but not add to them. If you see a lock icon on a post and you cannot reply, it has been locked because it is either old, or because it’s new but perhaps has a ton of comments already, is a resolved problem, or is getting too heated and needs a cool off.