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Does anyone know how the buyers request works?

I had very good sales at start and my 2nd month is completely dry :frowning:

After reaching level one i was happy & thought i would get more sales.

Nightmare ! nothing for a week :frowning:

I mostly rely on buyers request.

Does anyone know how this works ?

Is it based on the tags related to my gigs ?

When should i check ?? ( i check like every 20sec - 24x7 and my fingers hurt :stuck_out_tongue: )

The number of active request increases but no new offers are coming ?

Usually it comes like 10-15 requests all of a sudden at random time , is it ok ?

Should i increase my gigs to get more request ??

Please don’t tell to contact customer care :smiley:

Looking for some valuable suggestions.

One thing I’ve observed about the buyer requests is that they only show you requests for categories you have gigs in. So for example if you do not have any voice over gigs you won’t see the voice over requests.

Reply to @kjblynx: what kind of promotion ??

Suggest some, which worked well for you :smiley:

thanks :slight_smile: