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Does anyone know how to contact a user called poldev25

He messaged me and left his contact in an attached message yet i cannot access the main message, only the inspect element part. :smiley:


I guess you could switch to buying and message his account as a buyer? Idk if that will work. But btw we aren’t allowed to message people off the platform!!!

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Hey, sorry, but this doesn’t work for me. I think the reason is his account was deleted. It would be nice to see what the attached was. Thanks.

probably a scammer if he did that. That’s what a scammer did to me early today. just blocked me or deleted his acct out of nowhere

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He does not have an account on fiverr.
He might have had his account banned for sending the message to other sellers or buyers.
It could have been some type of hacking attempt in the message, or even if it did contain his private contact info, that would be reason enough to get banned.

I suggest that you read and follow the terms of service about having no contact outside of fiverr, unless you got permission from customer support.

That was because the message was automatically detected as spam. You don’t need to search for such spammers to reply to their message which eventually can target you to obtain your personal information by sending you links to open in your browser while operating outside of this platform.

Don’t run after such people!!! Be aware in your future conversations…

Good Luck!!

He asked me to part of a project and to contact him with the details in attachment, he also messaged me again later so… I don’t really know.

This was not a legitimate message he sent you.