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Does anyone know how to convert jpg image into psd transparent background?

Who can explain me how to do that. I will draw cartoon of you for free. My buyer wants the final result in png transp. bg

Do you have photoshop or something like that? Psd is photoshop file format. You need to remove background manually (if you have jpg now) and save resullts as psd.

BTW, it’s PNG or psd that you need? :slight_smile: Topic says psd, but post png. Both can have transparency, but png can be done in almost any graphic editor.

you can either use an image converting control to convert image from jpg to psd and then process to make image transparent. search online to find useful image application.

Do you usually draw in photoshop? When creating a new canvas you can set the background to Transparent, then when you save, save as PNG.

For converting JPG to PNG, you can play with the Alpha channel settings, or find a 'Colour to Alpha" option, then save as PNG

Good luck, it shouldnt be too difficult with some tinkering

I can do that for you for 5$ B-)

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Hey, I just came across this image converter. Hope that might help. :wink:

There are many online conversion tools are available for jpg image to transparent psd background and they do not charge anything. But you can not depend on them or trust them fully. So I suggest you to go for online service provider which can help you properly. PSD To Convert is one online conversion service provider. you may visit their site to check the service or contact them :

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sees like an easy task to convert jpg image when we have installed simple and convenient image converter on our pc. or we can use image saving method to save jpg to png.

Before you convert JPG, check this one…JPG Vs PNG


Lots of good advice so far. I prefer PNG for invisible background. I find myself often removing backgrounds of commercial images of products on a white background in photoshop. If I have to delete a background from a photo I generally select the background section with the magic wand tool and remove it that way. From there, it’s pretty easy to zoom in and clean up any remaining pixels that didn’t get cleared away from the wand tool. When you’re happy with your image, save the file as a PNG type file.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

No it won’t help coz it’s a 4 years old thread.

Aww, how could you find a four yo thread! :sleeping:

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I started blogging and I often need to do some kind of tasks with photos, pictures. For example buy illustrations or convert jpg image into psd transparent background. I see that many cool applications are advised. I would also like to share with you my find on this issue, which the thread is devoted to and, in general, the subject of images in general. It’s cool when we can do information exchange