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Does anyone know how to delete a gig extra?

I was offering extra fast delivery as a gig extra, but due to a change in my schedule, I just can’t commit to that anymore.
When I go to modify the gig, the box is unchecked, but people still seem to be able to add that to their order.
I haven’t delivered an order late yet, and I don’t want that to happen, but it’s only a matter of time if I can’t get rid of this.


Are you sure you have deleted the fast delivery from all your packages on the gig ?
Also as far as I know, Fiverr Team looks at gigs and maybe the changes just need to be activated.

I had this problem quite some time ago and had to ask Customer Support to change it.

Unless someone else has something to add to the contrary suggest this as the answer.

Thank you. I will contact customer service.
I deleted the extras weeks ago, and didn’t realize buyers could still add it until one did. When I checked, no extras were visible on my end, but obviously buyers are still seeing them.

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