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Does anyone know how to turn off gig multiples?

I have new buyer that purchased multiple orders all at once and it only counts as one order in the que. I did not even know this was an option. I have other orders in que already.

The problem with this is that buyers can take advantage. On my 3 tiered gig I offer a smaller gig for five dollars, but the other tiers are more per word. Buyers can cut the order delivery time down and also the price per word by ordering multiples of the lower tier. For now all I can do is raise my prices.

Please please, does anyone know how to turn this “multiples feature” off to buyers?


@songbirdcottage may these users help you.

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It’s going to take a few minutes to find relevant material, but I’m going to tentatively say that no, it cannot be turned off. For the moment, I’ll leave this definition for any newcomers who visit the thread and don’t know what you’re describing.

This option enables buyers to order multiple quantities of the same Gig. For example, if you offer a basic logo design for $10, a buyer who needs two different logos can order this Gig twice (for $20).



Thanks for your reply. I’m also wondering what the ceiling/limit is. Can a buyer theoretically order 400 gigs, with no time extension??

This is the issue you’re describing, correct? (Longer thread, but quite encompassing.)

. Gig Multiples for Packages - option to turn off/limit multiples needed

The way I “fixed” this problem is by putting my basic at 6 days, and standard at 3 days and premium at 2 days.

So the basic order has longest timing for delivery.

So if someone orders multiples of basic I am still OK since I have 6 days buffer time.
Ideal would be for Fiverr to fix this when order is multiplied the delivery time is also multiplied.

Thanks for adding me here.

As I have not encountered this issue, I have nothing relevant to offer.

I know, sort of a rarity that I have nothing to say…lol


Yes, I read that thread. Thank you. I was wondering if this has ever been fixed. It’s just not fair to my regular buyers. One buyer should not be able to monopolize the time of sellers.

Since they will contact you before order anyway you could explain they will receive their order sooner than advertised.

Or maybe add extra high fee for fast delivery that will make the rush order worth doing (after you increase the basic).

I recently changed all my gigs so none has 1 day delivery.

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Don’t worry @looseink
@imagination7413 describing well with relevant stuff, I just want to help the OP

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Thanks, I may try that. The only problem is that there does not seem to be an upper limit on multiples. A buyer could still order 100 articles, that are due in 6 days. Yikes!

Yah, she’s a smart cookie, alright.

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Yes, true.

But buyer with that kind of dementia is not going to target sellers with presentable portfolio and images that are obviously ready to fight back to scammers.

So make sure that you profile screams “professional” so you attract buyers that need 100 articles but are also intelligent enough to know that you can not deliver that in 144 hours.

I could do 100 articles in 144 hours if someone wants.

Only catch is I will write them in binary code.



That’s good advice. Thanks Marina.

Do you think it’s a good idea to mention or set parameters for acceptable gig multiples on the gig page?

To summarize: No, the issue is not fixed.

Workarounds appear to include:
1: Single package gigs
2: Higher starting point for both word-count and price
3: Longer delivery time on basic packages

If there’s more, then I’ve not read them, and I’ve no data on how well any of the above work out. Take advantage of your FAQs and Requirements, and the information you can convey with them.


Thanks so much Imagination7413.

I do not know how to advice on this. I am new seller but I am also a boyscout.

I can live in the bushes but I will stick to my principles.

I have clients brief in all my gigs in PDF and if client orders without reading and confirming he is aware of all T&C I just cancel the order.

I charge more per word on my smaller packages and less in my larger packages. I am a proofreader, but maybe that would work for you too. :thinking:

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So on a single gig page (without the tiers) there is no option to order multiples?

Don’t we get dinged if we cancel orders?