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Does anyone know of a link to download sales by gig title?

I added a new gig 3 months ago that took off fast and I am making good sales from it, but I do not know how much I have made in total since Fiverr does not seem to have an export feature under the Manage Sales screen. I also tried Fiverr’s search tool under Selling->Manage Sales and it does not work right as it gives search results for my other gigs as well as my purchases as a buyer.

Does anyone know how to export sales?

Hello there, exporting in csv file facility is just for revenues for now. May be after some time fiverr will take notice and add this option as well.

I knew about that, but that does not really show you how much you made per gig. I am surprised they never added it. Sellers need to know.

I’m not sure if this would do what you want or not, but you might give it a try. Google for this “IFTTT Fiverr ozzieuk” and you’ll get a link to Ozzieuk’s IFTTT recipes. (Wayne AKA ozzieuk on Fiverr is a TRS and Super Seller.) He has one that I used a while back that exported a lot of data from your Fiverr account to a Google spreadsheet, although I can’t remember everything it did.

Even if that one doesn’t work for you, you might be able to find another Fiverr related recipe for IFTTT or learn to use the utility and make one for yourself. Fiverr supports the use of IFTTT and even has mention of it in the help articles:

Thanks, FontHaunt!