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Does anyone know what is in fiverr\'s editorial focus?

I understand that certain Gigs don’t show in the search because it’s not in fiverr’s “editorial focus”… But is there a list anywhere of what is in their focus?

Well, I know some of what they don’t include. It’s usually those traffic kind of gigs or reviews.

Thanks, So there isn’t a link or a webpage that lists their ‘editorial focus’… am I correct?

It apparently changes often since most of the gigs of concern are related to 3rd party sites. (Google, Amazon, all social media…) I guess the editors have to monitor the policies of those sites and change accordingly. It would be nice to have a list, but maybe it’s not possible.

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I just had a gig taken down that has made me thousands of dollars over the last three years. I was told by Fiverr “We took a look at your issue and here is what we found. Your Gig or service that you are offering is not currently in our Editorial focus, therefore, it was denied by our Trust and Safety Team.” it doesn’t really make sense what do they mean by Editorial focus.It just seems to me that fiverr is treating me unfairly, I spent 3 years building the feedback and hundreds of people have the same gig and they are not getting the same punishment and now I cant even look over what my gig looked like and refresh myself on my wording. I cant just go make another gig similar in another category and have it do as well because it takes years to gain that many stars and positive feedback on a gigs page.This is literally so cruel like a slap in the face.

As much as you may not like hearing this, Fiverr has the right to determine what services they allow in their catalog/search system. Perhaps your gig is one of the first similar gigs that you see in your category that Fiverr has removed. The other gigs you see will likely follow at some point. Fiverr is not singling you out and being unfair to you, they are upholding their policies and service categories.

What service were you offering from that gig?


Or perhaps numerous similar gigs were already removed. It would be hard to know unless someone keeps a list of available similar gigs and checks them daily to see if they’re still there.

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The gig that was removed was my money spell and weight loss spell, which were the two of my spells that were doing really good. They didn’t take down my other gigs for spells. If you go and search money spell you’ll see the same exact spells and very similar gigs as well.

If your gig promised money gain/weight loss, it would be enough for a few customers to complain to CS that your gig was misleading because they didn’t get money/lose weight.


Fiverr is a business. They’re going to do what’s best for their business and they’re not going to sabotage that because you and other out of focus gigs spent a lot of time and got a lot of reviews.

The entitlement!

It isn’t about what’s fair. Fiverr doesn’t owe you anything. This isn’t a charity. ALL businesses evolve in their focus when certain things become out of step with goals and their target market.

The money gig might have been because of the word “gambling” or “lottery” - they probably return no results for those searches now so they probably removed all active services they could find for them.