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Does anyone know , who is the fastest user that reached TRS?


I am curious about this particular topic and also I wanted to start a great conversation :smiley: haha


Haha, Hello, Nice question. Dont know. Also I want to know who on fiverr is top on the basis of reviews. I once saw a profile with a person who has more reviews that youngceaser. but i dont remember his name.


In the early days of Fiverr, becoming TRS was much easier apparently. I have heard of a user who became TRS within a month of joining. This is not going to happen these days though.


It took me a year, I think. Every month on Fiverr has been like a year. Amazing!


Wow just one year. Amazing.


Yeah, Fiverr has been very kind to me.


Haha, @saddu_writer I want to know that too!


@eoinfinnegan in the early days it wasn’t that popular, that is why I guess it was easier :slight_smile:


@writer99025 how many sales did you have in the first 2 months :smiley: ?


Don’t remember, it’s been a while.


haha , okay :smiley:
Well, after how much time did you become level 2 ?


I don’t remember to be honest, but I got going in my third month here and since then the orders kept coming.


it’s cool because I have more then 60 orders in 2 months so I guess I will be promoted to level 2 as soon as I reach my 60 days :)))
I want TRS so bad :slight_smile: this is the first time { with my new account } since I joined the forum.
And it’s a good feeling to know here are people that care and support.Thanks a lot guys :slight_smile:


You’re from Romania, I love that country. Have many clients from there.


Yes I am. I am a singer,songwriter and producer :slight_smile:


I know someone who made it within a month as @Eoin said, but that was in the early days.

Don’t focus too much on the TRS badge. There are many Level2 sellers who earn more than some of the TRS. Just enjoy your work, your clients and be happy :grin: overall it’s just a badge ;).

I have seen many sellers with over 1000 reviews and 100% positive rating who have been here for years and haven’t been awarded TRS yet.


Such a good advice @annai80
thank you very much!


It took me 3 years+ to reach TRS at 2015. I joined fiverr at 2011.


how much were you making as level 2 ?
and did your sales increase after you got promoted ?


It was over two years for me.