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Does Anyone Promote Their Fiverr Gigs w/ a Website?

I was thinking about building a website and blog to promote my Fiverr gigs, is this an “okay” thing to do, and if it is ok, is there anyone out there who’s willing to show me what they’ve done with their websites?

I think its would be really challenging getting traffic to a website built specifically for promoting fiverr your fiverr gigs.

Its always best to make a website about something you’re passionate about, otherwise you will eventually lose motivation. Whatever site or blog you make you can always mention your fiverr gigs now and then.

We recently stopped promoting our gigs on WPFalcon site because our partners are not happy with the decision. Now we offer our services to Fiverr as well as our Main site - wpfalcondotcom ( I think it’s a good decision ) Btw, Our Fiverr profile is much more popular than WPFalcon website :smiley:

We invested more than 5 thousands dollars on our site for hosting, security & promotion but still waiting for 1 single customer. On other side completed more than 150+ orders on Fiverr without any investment or promotion.

Fiverr is a great marketplace, My tip is - Just Please focus on Fiverr profile, That’s it.

GLWS :-bd

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To All Forum moderators - I am not promoting any of my website.

Why not? As long as you’re directing people from your website to Fiverr, but not the opposite (as external links are not allowed), it’s okay.

I just recently launched a single page website, and successfully ranked it to the first page of Google for certain keywords. I cannot give you any insights yet as my website is fairly new. I’m still waiting to see any impact arising from my newly launched promotion site.

@webdesignjunkie I thought about it, but then I thought about all the protections that Fiverr offers you. Think of all the ways that buyers can drive you nuts. Most of it comes from having easy access to come back to you, even after a sale has gone right, and make it go wrong somehow. Or, they want to deal in ways that are not convenient. Or things go wrong from the beginning and the situation turns toxic. Fiverr is one and done most times, and if the buyer becomes a problem, you can ditch them. Also, if they are a good customer, and a repeat customer, then it helps you keep your order flow going. For example, if they want to get a “bulk discount” you can mediate this with custom offers the way you see fit. You don’t want to turn what could be 50 orders into 1 or 2 orders. Maybe it would be nice, but you really want all those reviews. One bulk order that is really many that goes wrong shoots the whole deal. That’s the way I see it. You certainly have a good point about branching out, but in the end, I decided it was not worth it for me. Fiverr is limited in some regards, but it is also a safe place.