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Does anyone see a push message notification from your mobile that you've been inboxed, only to

Find out that there is nothing there when someone clearly messaged you?

For example, today I received a message from a potential buyer on pricing, etc. I clearly saw his message from the notification on my app I have downloaded on my S4. So I click on the notification because I could only see only part of his message from the notification menu and it takes me to the fiverr app so I can view/read the message fully only to find out…it’s not there!

So I go to the full fiverr website to view my inbox and nothing is still there.

This happened to me once before where I saw the message that someone replied, clicked on it from my mobile and it wasn’t there. Then a few days later, I can see the full message on both the fiverr website and the mobile application where I saw it only a few days earlier when I was clearly messaged the first time.

This is critical to business because I could be losing out on a lot of sales!

I just find it strange bbecause I highly doubt my conversations violate fiverr’s TOS.

I had this same thing happen a week ago. It came through on my phone, went to look at it and it was gone. The next day it magically appeared. I just messaged my buyer and let them know I knew they sent the message but I was unable to read it. Very weird.

I ended up doing the same thing, and the messaged me back no problem.