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Does anyone send bulk email?

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Email marketing is a major tool of Email to deliver messages.The vast majority of Internal users have email accounts which allow them to receive MILLIONS OF BULK EMAILS IN A JIFFY .Be rest assured that I will send targeted messages and SEND MILLIONS OF BULK EMAILS IN A JIFFY…

Why would anyone want to spam millions of people they don’t know and get reported?


This has got nothing to do with spam, it is a way of marketing either by using newsletter, campaign and many more.Also to create awareness

How does the service work?
Who provides the recipients’ emails?
What platform sends them out?

Through list and leads generation
You can provide the emails and can also provide it for you
I use different email service providers and email sender software for my customers

Well that’s spam by definition.

Anyway, maybe there are people who like to spam others. I don’t and I always report them because in my country you have to manually sign up to receive newsletter. Any campaign or newsletter without that consent is spam.

So others thinking about buying such service should really think do they actually want their business be related to unnecessary spam.


Most times subscribers appreciate the emails because they will benefit from it.

What’s your source and what are the actual numbers?


It is no spam, in a situation where someone sends bulk emails to his/her subscribers to appreciate them, do you call that spam ??

Sending emails to subscribers is not spam, but you said that you will provide the list.

If a business owner asks you to provide let’s say 1000 emails of local food bloggers then how would you get their consent?

This implies that the people on the email list are in fact subscribers, and have knowingly opted in to receive emails from a particular sender.

If they’re being sent emails by anyone else than the person whose email list they signed up for, then it’s spam. If their email addresses have been scraped from around the web, passed on from other marketers etc. it’s spam.


In fact all
Because the subscribers and recipients benefit(mutual benefit)

Even if the recipients report the senders for spamming like I do? You do realise there are huge penalties for sending spam in different parts of the world?

E.g. (taken from the web)
The Information Commissioner’s Office of the UK has the authority to hand out fines of up to £500,000 to companies that break data protection and anti-spam rules.


If you want me to do that for you, i can always create a platform like website to know if they are interested or not.

If it turns out to be of benefit to you, will you report??

Do you take consent from all your recipients before sending them spam? If not, yes, I will report you even if what you send might be beneficial.

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I believe there’s a buyer for every service, so you might get a few clients, but personally I don’t think you’ll get much success with it.

If you really want to turn this around then here’s what you can do

  • Delete your gig and create a new one
  • In the new one offer a support service for running email campaigns
  • DO NOT offer any lists of your own and make it very clear in the description that customer has to provide THEIR OWN subscriber list. Otherwise it’s SPAM and you will not accept the request.
  • DO NOT send emails from any custom platform. You can use MailChimp and what not, but not your own platform that probably doesn’t follow any privacy rules.

So essentially you will be supporting the customer to send out newsletters to subscribers. Forget about 1 million jiffy email, that’s BS and won’t get your far.

Once you have it set up and waiting for order, take the time to learn the basics of email marketing. I don’t mean this in a bad way, but right now it seems you know very little about what you can and can’t do. You’re on an international platform where you can get clients across the world so you should familiarize yourself with the basics.


I delete/report all messages I receive for which I haven’t granted consent. I don’t even bother reading them.

Ignorance is your challenge here.Sending of bulk email is a form of email campaign.I said “Email Service Provider” earlier, mail chimp is an example of that among others.
Also is newsletter not a form of Sending bulk email.
I know this is an international platform which can help recipients reach their subscribers through sending bulk email.And you mean it in a bad way you can’t be right every time you still have a lot of things to learn.

Good for you.People read before they understand.