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Does anyone still have the evaluation period February 15th?

I assume it’s a bug, it’s already 17th in my timezone, I know it’s usually a day early or late at times, but it’s already 2 days. The question is, am I alone in this situation?

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Mine was on the 15th

Everyone’s is on the 15th. But for me there was no evaluation at that date, normally it shows the next month’s 15th date, but for me it’s still February. I was asking if other people have this issue as well. it’s strange.

Thanks, searched and didn’t find that. I guess I didn’t assume it was in the bug section.

Same here, mine is supposed to be on the 14th but it’s not done yet. I’m sure it will be done soon. We all know what it will be aleady probably and just wait on the confirmation of it.

I’m not concerned now that I know it’s affecting lots of us.

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Thank you for letting me know. I searched and couldn’t find another topic like this, so I was not sure if I was alone or not. Clearly it’s not the case, so I will just go ahead and rest, most likely it will be done by tomorrow.


Mine is supposed to be on the 14th and even though all of my stats are green I have not had an update. :thinking:

If anyone has tried contacting customer support please let us know if they said there is a glitch, thanks.

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My level evaluation has been done. It’s early morning on the 17th. My next evaluation is March 14.