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Does anyone think my invention is cool? b/c I cant seem to get my first gig sale


So, I came up with this invention called The No Drop. It is the solution to dropping your shampoo bottles off of the shower ledge. No it is not a shower caddy. It is made from silicone so it will never rust. The way is works is by adhering to the shower stall by four suction cups. You can also hold accessories. Well I posted my gig on fiverr offering this invention of mine and so far I have had zero luck. So Im wondering if maybe this invention is of no interest or need to people. I would really appreciate your comments and tips about my product. What do you think about the idea? Is it something i am doing wrong on fiverr? I want the good, the bad and the ugly. THANKS!

You can check out my profile/gig here:


Reply to @oldbittygrandma: Thank you so much for your input! I will most definitely get to working on a video. Thank you for the advice.


Reply to @oldbittygrandma: does the attached picture help any?


the picture shows that you need a shelf I personally don’t see the appeal of buying 2 products I could just buy a shelf that has bars to hold them but I do like the fact of no rust. can you use the product by it self with no shelf?


Reply to @matt_garry: Hey! Thanks for the feedback. Can I ask what you mean by buying 2 products? Yes you do have to have a ledge. That is the problem The No Drop solves. Shampoo bottles are always falling off of peoples shelves and onto their foot, breaking the cap and just scaring them. We have had customers say that they are able to use it with a ledge that is less than an inch. Check it Out!


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Reply to @vedmak: You are one lucky person my friend! lol Thanks for the feedback.


Reply to @vedmak: that is because men have shampoo soap and maybe conditioner you live with a lady and you wont have enough room no matter how big your bathroom is… I also have cats that love to play in the tub a combo of that I do have bottles fall and break a lot and it does scare me at 3 in the morning when I hear 4 bottles crash into my tub.


Reply to @matt_garry: Thanks for the response! Maybe you can check out my gig and let me know what you think about it.