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Does anyone understand how fiverr's ranking system works?

or the logic behind it…

For example I see a gig with only 2 sales, no video, no samples, and very slow delivery from a provider who joined 2 years ago and has had hardly any activity since ranked at the very top of the category. Another gig with 67% rating and high cancel ratio at the top as well, while high ranked gigs that have had consistently high activity and ratings falling lower and lower.

This new algorithm needs some serious reworking.

I have also seen brand new gigs from brand new users ranking over mine. I don’t even see any of my gig in the categories I have them listed in.

Reply to @vittalev: You might need to be level 1

Well, I already changed my profile picture since first day. This site is so bugged.

Still can’t understand fiverr’s ranking system!

Btw, do u know how I put an avatar here on the forum? ty

Reply to @vittalev: change your profile picture, automatically it’s will so as avatar here. #-o #-o #-o

Indeed I would like to know that too because the way it is now seems to have no logic.

I understand them wanting to give new gigs a chance to build the userbase, what annoys me is giving priority to gigs that are clearly not performing well.

Reply to @vittalev: put an avatar to your fiverr account and then youll see the same avatar here on the<br /> you cant have different avatars on and

Reply to @trevor_b: since fiverr v2, cs helps A LOT the newcomers. that`s why my sales droped since july or so…

If fiverr says that a gig with 67% rating is a high rated gig and must stay in first page then it must stay there. Its a new world order where the good suffer and bad stays in the top:) Try to live with it!! Hehehehheh…

I’m quite unhappy about it too… it doesn’t seem to be fair… new/low rating gigs getting more exposure

im just confused by its ranking system…

I have no idea how ranking is calculated either. I have been checking my best-selling gig’s ranking every few days and it was at the top one day, then one line below the next day, and now it’s further down. Sellers ahead of me have just a handful of feedback, if any, and really lousy descriptions and gig pics. Just strange!

The ranking system isn’t fair to those who work really hard to earn their spot. I have people ranked above me who have 1/4 the ratings I do, and not even 100% positive. And some of them have only been on Fiverr 4 months…although I’ve been on here 4 YEARS.

Totally unfair and not justified. And when you ask Fiverr about it, they never tell you how to get ranked higher, they just say its a secret basically. Not helpful whatsoever. Ok, my rant is over now :slight_smile:

They’re trying to expand their seller base. If they keep the top sellers at the top only most of the new people will not make money and leave. They don’t reveal their algorithm because if they did people would cheat it (same reason google doesn’t really make it public).

I agree that newcomers should get good exposure and that they want to improve their sellers base but some things will not work that way.

Promoting new sellers so offensively can be a risk for fiverr. They may get more sellers but can reduce number of buyers or overall satisfaction. So, you have 30 people making great logos with 500+ 100% feedbacks. You will put some newb who maybe faked couple of reviews to be in front of them, get the job and make a rubbish logo and that is one unhappy customer. There is a big percentage of people who will just leave if they get ripped off on first order.

Also, they have a lot of seniors here, members for 3-4 years or so, they made a lot of money for fiverr. If you put them down in search many will leave and start selling it other way. How average seller thinks: “I give 20% to fiverr but fiverr gives me a lot of customers so I do not bother with marketing or managing business”. But if fiverr, like it is case now stop giving orders to senior sellers they will by time maybe leave and do it on their own.

In my case, I have made 2500 sales, thats $10.000 for me and $2.500 for fiverr, in 4 years. Now it is going to be slow. I have only one top gig ranked so high (dont know why as it is the same as others) but if it stops working I will have not many orders. I already do a lot of changes and improvements on all my gigs and will try my best in next 10-15 days to improve sales and rankings but if that does not work I will maybe think to stop bothering. It is my honest opinion. I mean, I gave them $2.500 to promote my services and earn $10.000. If I stop getting sales I will just invest $2.500 to promote it other way. If I invest $2.500 in promoting my services I will for sure get sales of over 10.000.

Besides newcomers their ranking algo really does not work good as I get some nonsense irrelevant results.