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Does anyone use a Creative Brief?

I don’t think I’m asking people enough questions before I start a project. I built a lady two websites, (TWO!) because her business is relatively new. I should have cancelled but she seemed normal/cool. I’m expected to create a website header for somebody who doesn’t know the name of her own company yet? You know they are going to be unhappy if I decide it. The original gig was to clean up a website. Suddenly, I’m building AND writing it.

I offer logo designs but the other day this lady had no idea what she wanted. We went through a surfboard, crab, land turtle, sea turtle, driftwood sign, and more I’m not remembering.

What do you send to the high and mighty…who have no idea what they want? I’m getting tired of being expected to read minds. It is a miracle anything gets made from the five lines of direction I receive about whole businesses. In the business world you might go to 12 meetings about these things.

If someone can’t tell me what they want when they place an order, I sometimes wait a few days to see if they figure it out, and if not, then I ask to cancel. Only very rarely will I “pitch” ideas or help a buyer develop an idea of what they want me to do. Pretty much never.

If you want a series of questions or something to send the buyer, I’d search the internet for a sample brief and then make your own, marking which questions the buyer has to be able to answer in order for you to finish the project.

But, in general, you shouldn’t spend your time trying to coach your buyer into figuring out the instructions they should have prepared when they place the order. You’re not a designer sitting in their offices, getting paid for your consultation time, as well as your design time. You’re not a freewheelin’ freelancer who gets to bill for time. This is a micro-job site. Unless they are paying you to develop concepts or ideas, the buyer should already know what they want before they pay you to make it.

That’s just my opinion, obviously.

For a better understanding of what the client wants, I ask him to fill the brief. For each of the projects I use different briefs, because there is no universal brief. So, it is best to have a few templates for each project. I use the toolkit which collected several examples and templates. I think it will be useful for you.