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Does anyone use screen-sharing in their gig within Fiverr ToS?


I have a client who’s English isn’t great and I need to demo something to them using screen-sharing.

If you use screensharing software that is within Fiverr’s ToS, what do you use?


If their English is not good it is likely that they have no idea what screen sharing is or how to install it. You need to ask customer support if they will allow you to use it. Good luck.
I see you are doing well here in your first months. Congratulations. I see a bright future ahead of you in fiverr.


They suggested the screen-sharing but yes, it’s possible it won’t help.

And thanks for the complement. I’m enjoying the opportunities Fiverr offers.


Links you’re allowed to use via Fiverr Customer Support:

So I guess using something like team viewer is allowed. :slight_smile:


Thanks! I hadn’t found that link.


You’re welcome :slight_smile:


Maybe you can use but your english should be fluent and good.


That link you posted is not working for me !


It probably stopped working in the 1.5 years since it was posted.


you could use teamveiwer i guess