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Does "autocomplete" mean, me getting paid my cut?

Hello everyone,
I’m a relatively new seller and this is my first time posting a question here. I hope I posted in the right subcategory.

I have read number out other posts stating that the order will be “autocompleted” if the buyer does not accept the offer within 3 days. I have a buyer doing just this.

Yet, by “autocomplete,” does Fiverr mean that I will get paid my cut if the buyer does not accept the delivery in 3 days? Or will the buyer walk away free from my 2 months of hard work?

I’m very confused by this wording.

Thank you all very much,

  • An Order is marked as Complete after it is marked as Delivered and then accepted by a Buyer. An Order will be automatically marked as Complete if not accepted and no request for modification was submitted within 3 days after the Order was marked as Delivered.

Suggest you read the Terms of Service at the bottom of the Fiverr main page for the rules as to how Fiverr works.

Everything is explained there in great detail.

Thanks for the reply. However, my question was, does ‘autocomplete’ or ‘Complete’ mean that I get paid? I have read and understood the Terms of Service like you said, but do not understand the meaning of the terms ‘autocomplete’ and ‘Complete’ themselves. Nowhere does it state that they mean I get paid, just that the order is marked as ‘complete.’

Order complete is what you need to get paid.

No matter how it gets completed.

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Check this out: Payments Terms and Conditions ( for how it all works.

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Thank you! I really appreciate the helpful replies!

Yeah you will be get paid. Still buyer can come back and put a request to support that “I am not satisfied”. Then they will cancel the order and return the payment. It happened with me. Fiverr Support says “It’s our policy, if customer is not satisfied with the work in any way we have to refund”