Does being active on the Forum helps getting more orders?


If so? Then how?

I’ve seen some statements that it does. But how does this work?
Does it work by a computer algoritm that drives more traffic to your gigs?

Let me know! Cheers!


I doubt that being active on the Forums will give you more sales - I’m being very active (but I do it to help others, not to get sales), and I have seen no effect upon my sales whatsoever, none.

If you want to be active on the Forum, you should do so but not for the sake of getting more orders - it doesn’t work like that.

You can be active by contributing to the community, sharing your knowledge and experiences, provide suggestions and help to others, and things like these that are the purpose of a Forum in the first place.


It can be possible. If everyone visit in profile. Then just click on gig. Then come back. It’s help to make impression on gig. Nothing more. If anyone do so. Then it help…


Correcto mondo!

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I don’t have my spreadsheet in front if me but majority of my seller come from the forum. Most are frequent contributors who give coherent advices and such. The fact that I know their work ethics and knowledge gives me the feeling they are trustworthy.


I guess it depends on your niche, too… I mean, in the writing category it’s easier to attract sales from within the Forum - people see how well you write in here, see that you’re a great Forum contributor, they check you out (your gigs, I mean, lol), and they convert.


I don’t know if it contributes to sales, but it does help you get Top Rated Seller status. In fact, being active in the community is the way to get TRS, along with high ratings and lots of sales, of course. What I mean is, you can’t get TRS without being active here…so if you are going for that, it’s worth your while to help others on here and be part of things. I don’t have much time to do so, but would like to get here more often. I do like this new forum design much better than the old one.


No, they don’t but you get to help out other people get sales and I think that’s kinda worth it.


Yes, I agree 100% with you! I’ve gotten a lot of tips from these forums!
But I was just wondering, because I felt like the more I was online… the more orders I got!


1000% correct…


Maybe if you write LONG INFORMATIVE POSTS that get indexed in Google and drive RELEVANT TRAFFIC to the post. Here on forum, sellers search for Fiverr related problems and I did not see that much activity from buyers.


We’re all buyers… :slight_smile:


You are being romantic :slight_smile: I am talking about the buyer and seller typologies, of course. But you can take it as you want.


that’s not entirely true. I became TRS before ever stepping foot on the forum.


nope it does not.

it helps with visibility, but that’s nothing that you can count on or expect any sales from.


It helps you and the community.


How long ago was that? Because at one point Fiverr listed the steps or ways to becoming TRS and being a leader in the community, mainly the forum, was part of it. If anyone knows how to be a community leader with Fiverr besides in the forum, I’d love some ideas!


TRS criteria are the same now as back when I was made TRS. (over 2 years ago)

Yes, when they say “community” they do mean the forum.

But you are missing the point: posting here all day long, helping others and even writing incredible, posts that help others in a profound way, will not get you the TRS badge.

Fiverr’s editorial team will go through your gigs, STATS/numbers and profile standing first.
(so, great unique offerings, great sales maintained over X period of time, and background check for flags respectively)

Even if you are not a leader figure here, you’ll still get the TRS badge.

edit: before people jump at the chance to prove me wrong, I need to clarify:
what I mean is that they will look into the above things FIRST and if those checkout, then they may brush your profile here on the forum as well. but at that point in the process, forum presence is a moot point.


I get at least two sales a year from this forum or maybe more that I don’t know found me here.
But it’s not why I’m here.



I’ve got RICHER since I participate in the Forums !!!


Ps: RICHER of new ideas, knowledge and positive feedback to help my Gigs get better…