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Does being demoted affect your business?


Hi, everyone!

I reaching out to you guys because I’m having the hardest time of my entire fiverr journey. The thing is that I’ve been a TRS this last 3 years until I get demoted like a month and a half ago just for having the 4.7 rating exactly the same day that the evaluation took place and I got the 4.8 back the next day, yes it sounds unbelievable but is true!

But, the thing is that after this happened I’ve been under the 4.8 rating for a while (right now 4.5) because I had 3 bad clients in the same week (almost 60 days ago) that totally hurt my business but, at the same time my sales had decrease a lot, I mean in the last 30 days I only received 7 or 8 orders when I usually have that amount of order in a week or less.

So, my question is, does anyone have this problem with the flow of work (order, gig views, impressions) after been demoted like me, I’m currently level 1 seller after been Top rated seler almost my entire life here at fiverr.



I just recently got demoted as well, for answering one message after 24 hours had passed. I’m still getting orders; I’ve had two since the demotion, which is a little slow, but not enough to freak me out.

My guess is that your dry-ish spell is part of the normal ebb and flow, and that things will pick up again soon. I don’t know for sure, though.


That’s too bad. When exactly did they degrade you? How much longer have you being waiting to return to normal? a month or more?

I hope we can return to normal as soon as possible, but in the meantime, I want to know if there is something to do with this issue or if we are in a low season for the whole fiverr community. Thanks for the reply by the way.


same story not i’m level 1 and completely lost


No, mine was recent – a couple of weeks, maybe. I’m hoping to get some fresh messages soon, so that I can respond and repair the response rate.

Repairing your star rating will be a little harder. Good luck getting it done as fast as possible.


Good luck to you too!