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Does being popular on the forum help make sales?

I am going to rally, because it pollutes the forum:

I have observed this phenomenon since I arrived on Fiverr 3 months ago. All posts like “How To Make Your First Sale In 10 Minutes”, “My Hidden Strategy”, “The True Truth About Successful Success”, “How To Increase Your Sales By 1000% In 8 Minutes”, “Tips For Newbies that old sellers hide”, … are among the most popular on the forum, they have thousands of " thank you for your tip “,” thanks for your valuable information “,” good advice “,” awesome “,” fabulous “,” extraordinary “,” very helpful ", “how did you find that, you must be a genius”, “it is god who send you”,“you are my guru”,…

However, most of the time, it is only windy because the advisers have not made any sales, and moreover the few 5 stars they have are false reviews (very easy to see, the day when Fiverr will finally decide to act, it’s going to be like a vacuum)

There, it was just to rally.

What do you think?

(maybe I see the evil everywhere, but I wonder if these posters aren’t just touts looking for pigeons for favorite and review swap groups … I’ve even seen some that sell " impressions " :rofl:)


There are a couple of such hints, tips, and strategies posts which actually offer legitimately sound and helpful information; unfortunately, such threads get swamped by the mass of similar promising threads that simply rehash poor or outright false hints and practices that flood the internet in regards to finding success on Fiverr.

I concur in believing that a number of these “regurgitators” of poor and false information are doing so in an attempt to build forum clout which they believe, somehow, will translate into actual orders from buyers.

There are indeed more nefarious individuals (account and review buyers/sellers) who operate on the forum, but I still don’t see the point as to why they would want to pretend to have legitimate “pearls of wisdom” to share with anyone when their “accomplishments” are overwhelmingly artificial.


Lets not generalize there are people who make tutorials and actually have great amount of sales. It’s small percent because well they are busy working right?

And it’s not really motivating to create tutorials there as most ppl are not even gonna read those, just comment whatever bs they have in mind like “amazing <3 <3 <3” so that they will be “active on forum”. Idk who shared that myth that being active on forum is bringing sales but that backfired on whole community there.

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The way I think is that these advices seem much easier than what one really has to do to be able to be successful. When you tell a newbie that you have to experiment, offer something unique, build up a decent portfolio, know that you can actually nail the order you are given (and not just send in something half-bummed) I feel like that’s a huge turn-off to lazy people (like me. ha) . When people say ‘all you have to do is comment to every single forum post, no matter what it’s about, send 10 BR and spam FB’ it sounds much easier, no? No actual thinking required just robot-like actions…
That being said, do I think most of these people offering such advice are doing it for their own sake? Definitely. It’s either because they truly believe (…yeah) that this can help them, or as you’ve said,they run these groups on fb (which honestly can’t be NOT against the ToS). I’ve tried looking into one but my brain broke (sorry).
They basically use desperate people who need the money they would be earning here. (and then, of course, there are the people who have absolutely 0 skill in what they are doing and are aware of it) but I believe that most of the time it’s sheer desperation that creates the perfect targets for these, uh. people.

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Sounds reasonable, we all lazy after all. Laziness is implied in our brain and we rather all go for instant gratification than long term results. I know you know that but im still gonna say it that instead of spamming fb and sending 10 BR we could actually just watch netflix and we would have same progress towards our goals :stuck_out_tongue: But you right, desperate people won’t want to figure that out cause well they desperate and want to feel that they are actually doing something productive. And not too hard.

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I’ve been on Fiverr for almost five years.

I’ve been active on the Forum for about 6 weeks.

I highly doubt my exposure on the Forum has increased my sales because most of those I have encountered here are also Sellers.

Several are my competitors.

What has helped my sales is my track record.

I’ve been freelancing since 2014.

It took me over two years of hard work to build that to the point where I could freelance full-time.

The mistake many make is that they think once you join a platform like Fiverr, all the work you imagined was possible (plus more) is going to suddenly roll in and you’ll be rich within six weeks and that joining the Forum will connect you with Buyers just waiting for you to bring your offer to them.

As I’m sure I don’t have to point out, that is a crock.