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Does buyer have rights to different video edits?

the buyer owns the rights when I produce and deliver their video, and I have a buyer who, after delivering their video to them, they want a second version which removes all the text and any logos or overlays I placed. Essentially, they want a bare bones edit version. Do they have the right to this as well (free)?

Mind you, this is a client who expressed that my prices are too high for him, so I think he might be looking at cloning my video or recycling it with his own editing software if he can get his hands on the bare version. While I can’t stop anyone or chase them down if a modified version of my video ends up on the internet, if he has a right to this second version video, I want to do the right thing. Do buyers have the rights to have this basic edit version?


No, they certainly don’t! If they keep insisting, please just contact CS - they’re very good with cases like this.

Good luck!


I have video production friends telling me that if a client pays me, then it is legally “work for hire” and they have the right to ask even for the raw camera files. Is this true? I don’t want buyers seeing my raw footage ever. I’m not a magician protecting his secrets but it sort of feels that way.

Can you site fiverr Terms of Service or something I can pass to the buyer to defend myself? I haven’t answered their request yet.

No - I offer a similar service in some ways to yours - I offer to personalize the ‘blank’ videos with their details, much as you do (love your videos BTW!), but I say in the FAQ that I don’t sell blank videos.

I do have to fend off would be ‘blank video scammers’ on a regular basis, but any time it’s got to a difficult stage, CS have always stepped in to help.

If it weren’t like that, we’d just be handing our gigs over to them to sell for $5.

Added - no need for ToS - your gig description covers it all - you don’t say they’ll get the source files, so they don’t get the source files.


ok…my opinion is this…
thats why revision available.if your buyer ordered overlay text option.and after delivering files with overlay option…he can request to remove/change text as revision…but if he not ordered overlay text option.then don’t add overlay text and request him to pay and add overlay text option. when i’m working with videos. i’m changing overlay text when buyer wants…but i’m not changing logo file to different logo file(if he giving full different logo.then he is trying to get done 2 works from single order)…(but all changes should limited to revision.)if he requesting to keep edit after revision finished.let him to add additional revision…

great advice. thank you

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Hmm… Any particular reason why you wouldn’t want to share the raw files? I mean, that’s no extra work for you, what’s the problem? Why do you care what the buyer does with them? :confused:

Hmm… Any particular reason why you wouldn’t want to share the raw files? I mean, that’s no extra work for you, what’s the problem? Why do you care what the buyer does with them?

well, the buyer isn’t asking for raw camera files (that would be worse). I delivered what we discussed and he left a 5-star review. Buyer just wants me to remove any text and his company logo overlay. why does he want a plain video like this?

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Why does it matter why he wants it?

You could ask him why he wants the version without any text etc. Maybe it’s just in case they want to change the text at some point (reword it or maybe for a different language?) or in case their company logo changes or something.

this was exactly what I did. My safest route was to simply communicate with the buyer. Not sure if questioning the buyer is a good idea, but we’ll see how it turns out. thanks