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Does buyers request has a time limit within which sellers respond to it?

Is there any limit to the amount of response to any buyers request published? I am asking because at times, before one could finished typing his response to a buyer request, many sellers would have responded and you find out that your response is the last. Other times if i refresh the page, the request will disappear meaning that it has been filled. Because of this, I don’t refreshed the page until I am done responding to buyer requests of my interest. Do buyers see such late replies?


i think when the buyer stop further requesting …no more requet he/she can recieve

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The time limit is 30 days normally but they’ll be removed a lot faster for unleveled sellers when the maximum offers from level 0 sellers has been reached (eg. maybe 10 offers from level 0 sellers).


I see.That means its only level 0 sellers that will not see again as soon as 10 replies have been received Thanks