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Does Buyers request really work

I have sent offer donkiard of time and still no results

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Yeah,it’s work if you can send offer professionally…

Thanks I really appreciate this feed back

Yes it definitely works. I got all my early orders from buyer request.

Since donkiard is not an English word, I don’t know what it means.

I have gotten more than thousand dollars worth of work off of Buyer Requests. They’re amazing!

This means that the offers that you are sending in response to buyer requests are sub-par and that they are not impressing your buyers.

You need to first carefully go through the buyer’s request and then craft an offer that shows the buyer that you understand their requirements. You also need to explain how exactly you’re planning on achieving the goals of the project/buyer’s requirements while also ensuring that the final product/service is of impeccable quality.

I would suggest that you use the forum’s search tool :mag: (on the top-right hand side) to look for articles on how to write a compelling buyer request offer.

Good luck! :sunny:

Thanks I really appreciate this feed back

How does it really work for you and does buyers really hire Nigerians on this fiverr

My very First 3 order come from BR. :wink: If you already sent a lot of offer but even you don’t get a reply that means you need to work on your profile, gigs & the offer applications. For BR offer, you can reply to those job post mentioning how you going to resolve the JOB. Btw I couln’t find the profile mediachome on Fiverr, so can’t offer any suggestion regarding your profile.


They hire people of all nationalities. This is a global marketplace!

As long as you are delivering premium-quality services/products to your customers, you should be fine.


Mediachome is no more active it has been deleted by me My new account

I see it would be better to use new account’s forum profile. I’m not sure about Qr Code gig, but I see you are a graphics designer. Better you do research on graphic design service provider’s profile & gigs, & create some gd related gigs. When you send a proposal buyer will visit your profile & check gigs. If you don’t have related gigs, they wouldn’t be impressed.


Great feedback so far… Thanks for an uplifting feed back… You’re great

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Thank you. Good Luck with sells.

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