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Does buying gigs from sellers ti "promote your fiver gigs" actually work?

I have come across fiver gigs that says they will “promote your fiverr gigs” on their social medias recently. Do these services actually work though where you have gotten more customers? Do you think it is actually worth the money and has anyone tried it yet?

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I seriously doubt it, but you can read their reviews.

No one will buy a gig unless it is advertised to the right people who are already interested in that kind of gig.

I tried a few but not quite helpful. They send lots of traffic (FAKE) without any conversion.

I got a similar message from a seller providing me 1000 gig impressions and clicks for $5.

even though the seller had no reviews. If they can provide impressions and everything why they do not sell their own gig

We’re back to this obsession about impressions that so many Fiverr users have. Impressions are an indication that the gig is moving in the right direction, but means nothing without sales.


Aren’t those gigs forbidden now?

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ive read the reviews however they are all similar to “outstanding experience” “promoted my gig as promised” but none actually responded that they got themselves more customers. I’m assuming thats because you leave a review once they deliver your order. So yeah, thats why i’m asking this question since im wondering if it actually works in providing more sales

The quick answer: no.

Ahaha okay thanks :slight_smile: