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Does cancelation affect in this case?


Buyer has accept by fault
order hasn’t started yet

is cancel will affect any more?


Mutual cancellation doesn’t effect a lot but minor.

Mod Note: This information is not verified or based on official data. Cancellations normally all weigh the same.


thanks alot

appreciate that


That’s wrong. All order cancellations affect your rating the same. Doesn’t matter if that’s a mutual cancellation or fiverr support cancels it on your behalf or it’s a clients fault it will affect your rating the same.


This was told to me by a TRS and he gave a proper proof from his success manager. I would look to see any fact you have?


Can you please post this proof here so everybody could see it?
It’s been said many times by fiverr support that all fiverr cancellations counted as a pro rata e.g if you had 10 orders and one got cancelled (mutually or not) your order complititiin still will be 90% where 1 cancelled order counts as a 10%.

And here is the link to fiverr FAQs explaining how it’s calculated. It’s their official info.


To date there has been no official evidence that mutual cancellations count less. What @mariashtelle1 posted is the best official info I’m aware of. All cancellations have the same effect unless a Fiverr staff member intervenes in a single case.


I would believe ONLY official fiverr information but not a random “guy” speaking on YouTube.

Right now I can go and make a video on YouTube saying that fiverr would personally redirect clients and give you orders when you reach TRS level, which will be completely misleading information.


It also doesn’t make much sense to trust what some person says in a video. Because even if the video was not misleading, it may not be the most upto date information out there. For all we know, the information provided in the video might already be outdated; it doesn’t even matter if he is top rated seller making millions of dollars. Fiverr is a very dynamic platform and a lot of things keep changing around here on a regular basis.

Therefore, as @mariashtelle1 said, it would be prudent to stick to Fiverr’s official sources of information.


You will need to post based on your own experiences. That other seller you are referring to can post if he wants to, but please don’t post his username or other info about him. Thanks.


If your posts go against the forum’s rules and guidelines, it is, unfortunately, only a matter of time before they get removed. They will be removed even if no one flags them. It is not allowed to post another seller’s info. on the forum. I would suggest that you go through the forum’s rules and guidelines first. :slight_smile:


I’m really pleased to see your comment. But I have shared a “PUBLIC” video.


Actually, a weird thing happened to me a few days ago. I had an incomplete order which I almost immediately received a cancelation request for. The person said: “As I was filling out the requirements, I realized it was not going to work” or something along those lines.

I accepted the cancellation and it didn’t affect my stats. I fully expected it would.


That’s true. But it will take time for our seniors to understand.


And that might be true. I had one incomplete order that didn’t start and after cancelling it with fiverr support it also didn’t affect my rating. But that was only with an order that didn’t have countdown without requirements.


It doesn’t matter… Because the forum’s rules and guidelines state that it is not allowed to reveal another seller’s Fiverr username or any other info. EVEN if it is public info. :slight_smile: Like it not… those are the forum’s rules.


How long ago was this? I wonder if that means we can all just go and cancel our incomplete orders that hang for years with no repercussions. And they didn’t announce it so CS doesn’t get flooded with cancellation requests.


Ha ha I would love to but I actually still didn’t risk to cancel other incomplete orders because I wasn’t sure if that was just a mistake or coincidence or because the support cancelled the order.

It was like 2 months ago


I noticed this was new - not sure when it changed?

Note: After a week has passed from the original order creation, a seller can cancel the order without any harm to their cancellation ratio or ratings.


Yay! So that wasn’t a coincidence
Going to cancel all my incomplete orders right now :see_no_evil: