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Does Cancellation Affect Your Rating

A buyer made a mistake and order a bunch of gigs. I had to cancel almost all. Now my orders completed have dropped from 100 to something low. How bad is this for business on fiverr?


Cancellations are unfortunate but will not directly affect your rating, nor is the cancellation rate visible to any buyers. You can see it for yourself in the Analytics panel, but only you can see it. The only difference it will make is it will affect your gig’s listing position as it decreases ‘Order Completion Rate’ and pushes your gig further down the rankings.


In earlier days, you were able to contact the Customer Support stating that the mistake was made on the Buyer’s behalf and that they should perform the cancellations without harming your rating.

Not 100% sure whether it’s still practiced today, but you can always ask…

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Yeah I would contact customer support and see if they can help

yes it will affect on your business like gigs lost ranking and you will lost $ :frowning:

Maybe the buyers wanted to drop your gigs further down in the list or maybe it is an honest mistake. Either way i hope CS would be able to help you.

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@abdulmoti - have you any proof for this please? If not, better not to suggest it. :wink:

No I don’t that is why I said maybe and also said maybe it is an honest mistake. I didn’t suggest anything. You didn’t read all the words of my post, did you? :slight_smile:

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Yes @abdulmoti - I did read your post - that was the first thing you said. Why would you assume that I hadn’t read your post?

In such cases, the best move is to contact the Fiverr Team and they will assist you in cancelling those orders without affecting your ratings/cancellation ratio, etc. And, don’t worry about the cancellation ratio because it will be back to normal after 60 days. But you better contact CS for assistance.