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Does Cancellation Of Order Effect Our Account?

I just want to know does the mutual cancellation of order have any negative effect on our account ?

I think yes But I am not sure .May be positive rating decrease .below 90% cannot send send offer to buyer requests.

As far as I know, it does not affect your rating. But It will have effect on your badge if you want to be a top rated seller :slight_smile:

Orders completed rating does not effect for your account…( I asked from Fiverr about this. this is the answer i receive)

then why my rating was 89 % sometime and I could not send offer to buyer requests?

I think its because of cancellation.

If you got a negative review the cancellation was either forced (one sided) or your order was late.
If you cancel before the time goes out and the buyer accepts the cancellation request then there are no penalties.

mutual cancellations do not have a negative effect, but all others types of cancellations effect negatively on your account