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Does changing FAQs, Order Requirements, Pricing Structure hurt placement?

Hi everyone,

I know changing the title and description of gigs has the potential to affect a seller’s place in the search results. Does anyone know if changing the FAQs, order requirements, price (or number of) gig extras also has a similar outcome?


Not, it will not affect your ranking. Making changes to your gigs will put your gig on hold for Fiverr agent to review it and then it will back in the search results after 24 hours. But if your gig was not performing well, then you make changes and it improves your gig SEO. Your gig will highly rank after the changes.

Any changes to your gig will affect the placement of your gig. If you don’t see an improvement of your impressions and clicks after a week, contact customer service. I have always found that fiddling with my gigs and updating them set me back.