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Does changing Gig image hurt rankings?


I’m currently one of the top-ranked sellers for my keyword but have been thinking of making the Gig image more professional.

If I remove the current image and replace it with another, will I drop in the rankings?


For me, it doesn’t but I never change it 100%, I tend to leave in an element from the previous cover so people can easily recognize it.

Sometimes gigs disappear from the search after you edit some parts of them, cover image included. So be sure to check if your gig is still in place after the edit.


your ranking not goes down when you change the image of your gig.


Ok, thanks guys :slight_smile:


It was one of the professional and informative question.


@afirarehman :slight_smile:


Change in Gig image really effects Ranking in two aspects:

If there is something which is prohibited by fiverr on GIG image like Starts , Ratings, Level. It will make yiur gig disappear from search.

If Gig image is Better than before , Gig will rank faster.